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Out popped the weas-

The dragon popped out of the egg.
It had Purpleish black crossed with blue scales.
It had black claws and rigged plates that decorated the top of its head down to its back with 2 horns sticking out the front.
To top it all off, it had wings that stuck out from the sides.

It was the size of the average house cat.

"AWWWW!!!" Eri exclaimed as she pet the dragon.
Midoriya internally groaned, he didn't know if he had the materials to feed the dragon.

The dragon looked at Eri and immediately snuggled up to her, it purred like a cat would.

"I'm naming it Sukeru!" Eri smiled.

"Why that of all things?" Midoriya asked.

"It means scales! And it's sure full of it!" Eri cheered.
Midoriya lightly chuckled, "if you want to name it that I guess you could."

Suddenly the dragon's stomach rumbled.

"Does it eat normal food...?" Midoriya asked aloud.
He picked up his old sandwich he couldn't bother finishing and threw it at the dragon.
The dragon finished it in one bite and burped, it was now full.

"I guess it does" Midoriya sighed.
The dragon popped off of Eri and plopped onto the chair, it then proceeded to sleep.

"It's tired.
We should let it sleep while we figure out how to take care of it" Midoriya said.

Eri hummed in response.

Thunder continued in the background, making Eri's eyes fill with tears.
Midoriya noticed, "hm.
We could cancel the trip and go back to the palace if your uncomfortable.
I have at least 2 weeks before I have to return to the human realm" .

Eri looked at Midoriya, guilt filled her subconscious. She didn't know to make them go all the way back to the palace after already being out for over 12 hours.

"No no, it's fine.
We only have a couple more hours to go..."

"It's a good thing we were given a map incase anything happened.
Let's see, we are right-" Midoriya pulled out the map and looked at where they were.

We have around 9-10 hours left to go until we are at the city.
I could use telekinesis to get us there but we still have to wait for the storm to pass" Midoriya continued.

When does it look like it's going to pass...?" Eri asked.

Thunder continued in the background.

"Not very soon...
You hungry?
We still have some food" Midoriya asked.

"Not really, but I want water"

"Alright, give me a second"
Midoriya reached into the pack and pulled out a bottle of water.
"Here you go"

Eri drank the water and yawned.
She was already tired.

"You want to sleep?"

Eri nodded her head as she leaned onto Midoriya side and fell asleep.

"The storm won't pass for a while.
I guess getting some sleep in wouldn't hurt"
Midoriya shut his eyes and fell asleep as well.


"Right, Deku said I have to tell him what I found out.
I guess that means traveling to the demonic realm.
Bakugo shut his eyes and transported to the demonic realm.
He reappeared right in the palace, again.
The guards went charging at him.

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