Chapter XI: Away

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Andrea woke up to the sight of the sun brightening up Lance's face and a heavy headache as the events of the night flooded her mind. 

Yes, it was not the most exhausting night of her life but it is the most tensing and emotionally-straining night ever since she was born! 

As she gaze at the peaceful features of Lance sleeping, she struggled to not move a muscle in hopes to not wake him as her mind smoothly remember the night before. 

After an apology between the two of them, she asked him to stay, a very risky move but realizing she was still a bit alcoholically influenced she did not mind thinking about it, not even that surprised as he lie down beside her, kissed her temples, mumbled goodnight and slept. 

Her eyes travelled his face, noticing hints of facial hair on his chin, his slightly pointed nose and his youthful face, a lot had thought he was on his early thirties and if she did not grew up with his presence, she would even have a hard time grasping the truth that he is thirty-nine. 

So enticed by his beauty, she did not realize his arms and legs are wrapped around her and was shaken to that reality as she felt his hold tighten, pulling her closer until she felt something. 

Something pointy. 

Suddenly realization dawned her, she gasped and backed away, the reaction causing Lance to wake and push her, sending her off the bed. 

"Oh God! I'm sorry, Andrea," Lance said huskily, his head popping out from the bed to Andrea who was now lying on her back on the floor. 

"S'alright," she mumbled, over and over again, as she sat up, "What was that?" she asked. 

"What was what?" 

"The pointy thing," 

"Oh, that's... Let's just call it my morning salute," he said, sitting up and running a hand through his hair, embarassment coloring his tone. 

Andrea raised an eyebrow but decided it would be much, much better not to push. 

"Good morning," she beamed at him. 

Lance mimicked the gesture. They mutually agreed with starting the day, so together they enjoyed breakfast. The morning went by fast, surprisingly without any of the tension last night since they kept themselves at a fairly respectable distance with quite a huge wall between them.

Lance insisted on driving her home but she did not bulge at his insisting of driving her to her parent's house. 

"Thanks for everything," Andrea said as they arrived in front of her condo. 

"Right back at ya, Andrea," he said and with a swift movement of opening the door for her, by leaning towards her, Andrea felt her body tense up at the sudden nearness but it faded away almost too suddenly as it appeared. 

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