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Marias POV //

I woke up turning around when suddenly he wasn't there. HES NOT HERE? I jump out o bed panicking , the side table there was a note

"Meet me at the abandoned church at 10pm if you ever want to see him again."

what the hell. It's currently 12pm I have to get ready. I went into my bathroom taking off my clothing getting into the bathtub relaxing my muscles with the lukewarm but all I could think about was Vincenzo. Is he ok? Is he alive? Of course he is. He better be. I spend the rest of the day getting the rest of my secret workers ready in case I got into danger. It was now 9pm and I finished getting ready getting into my car driving to the church.

I got there and the room was dark
I check my phone making sure I got the time right when someone finally spoke up

"Miss me ?"

I lift my head up rapidly

"Who's there ?"

He walked into the lighting his identity revealing


"Yeah baby it's me "

"What the hell do you want taehyung!"

"First thing where's Vincenzo!?"

Taehyung smirks "Calm down your pretty boyfriend is fine + I thought you'd miss me " he walked closer to me leaning into my face

"You know damn well I do not miss you now what the he'll do you want and give me Vincenzo!"

"I don't think you wanna take up that tone with me lady"

"Oh yeah? Have you forgotten who the hell I am!?  I leave for almost a year and you think you have all the power? Guess what I still have all the power. Here in Italy everywhere."

"You.will.never.ever.be.on.top taehyung"

He smirks before I here the gun clock two tall men behind Vincenzo one pointing the gun at him

"Ok fine I'll do whatever just let him go"

"That's what I thought "

"What do you want taehyung"


OH MY FUCKING GOD THIS STORY IS AT 9k NO FUCKING WAYYYYY IM SOOO SO GLAD YOU GUYS ENJOYED THIS STORY IT REALLY MAKES ME HAPPY, Im on summer break now which will give me more time to update and write so look forward to that I also just wrote a new book that will be released soon so please please read if you'd like. Once again thank you so much  <333

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