8-9. Waiting

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8. Waiting.

  Since he's left this morning he hasn't come back. I've been pacing the hall, trying to sleep, I can't hold food down I was worried sick. Literally.

Something about his state of mind once you left had me on edge. I wish I could say I knew where he would be going or what he would be doing it four months is about the right amount of time it takes to become someone new, and he very well could've done that.

9. 1.00

  It's 1 in the morning and he still hasn't come home. I've been sitting on the kitchen counter for hours now the once cold marble now warm underneath the fabric that covered my legs. I heard somebody fiddle with the keys then quietly walk in. He came in through the front entrance of the kitchen and stopped when he saw me. I jumped down and into his arms.

  "I've been worried sick, I couldn't eat or sleep, where the hell were you?"

  "I thought you could do better without me." He whispered into my neck.

  "I can't do anything without you." I pulled away from his neck and looked into his eyes. His hands cupped the bottom of my thighs as he looked into my eyes. He walked me to the warm spot on the counter and set me down. His strength still mesmerized me. And as I was set down I locked my legs around his waist keeping his body in between my legs. He looked at me and leaned in pressing his forehead to mine.

He had his eyes closed and his lips parted slightly letting his warm breath seep into my mouth. I breathed him in my eyes fixed on his closed sockets. He opened his eyes and looked at me. He put his bottom lip between his teeth fighting the urge. I leaned down to his neck finding his weak spot and gently sucking as his head rolled back I could hear him panting. He moved his hands from my mid back to my thighs slowly moving upward my legs before he knew he was in the danger zone he stopped.

I kissed the bluish mark on his neck then kissed a trail from the mark to his eyes and back down. His large rough hands squeezed the top of my thigh and one slid up my torso to my neck and pulled my face off of his neck. He had this look in his eyes. It was subtle but I knew soon enough he'd throw me on the bed and kiss every inch of my body like he did a month ago. As he nibbled the soft skin of my neck I felt his rough tipped fingers draw circles into my back. His gentle touch driving me wild with every moment that passed.

  I stopped him putting my hands on his wrists. He stopped and looked at me. "What?" He asked airily.

  "Stay." I paused. "Forever." I said with my eyes closed. His soft lips touched mine but only for a second as he whispered.

  "Of course."

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