6. 10.00

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*some of these little chapter parts are short so I upload a lot more if they are enjoy x*
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6. 10.00

  I walked out of my room that I've locked myself in for hours now. As my soft feet padded the floor I saw Harry's door was open as I peered on either side of the hallway.

A little look won't kill 'im...

  I tiptoed out and down the hall into his room. It was empty, and my curious self went inside.

Memories rushed back to me about us. I saw the collage of us on the wall proudly on display. I sat on the end of his bed and just looked around. I missed this bed. It has the imprint of where our body used to be molded into each other. I heard footsteps and shot up, nearly leaping off the bed and went to the doorway but he met me halfway.

  "What are you-"

  "I just-"

  "You just?" He pressed, mocking me.

  "I wanted to-"

  "Wanted to what?" He continued to intimidate me.

  "Let me finish!" He nodded. "I wanted to apologise." I said quietly. My voice was small and I felt vulnerable in front of him.

  He leaned down in my ear his warm breath against my neck. "I should be the one apologising." He pulled back his cheek brushing against my cheek. A shiver started through my body.

  "Instead can you answer one question for me?" I asked quietly in a hushed tone.

  "Anything." He admitted, he softened immediately. Basically melted right away.

  "Did you bring her here to sleep with her?" I asked, gaining courage.

  His big hand rubbed the back of his neck as he looked at his feet. "I wish I could tell you no."

He kissed my forehead and walked past me into his room. I stood there and looked at him as he sat on the foot of his bed. He didn't look up, he didn't say anything...

I wanted to tell him I'm not offended, but I didn't want to lie...

He's been good about not obviously seeing anyone else, and I'm too indecisive to consider moving on.

The thing that really broke my heart was the idea of him having another women in our bed...

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