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"Why would you want work?" Shigaraki asked a bit confused.

"I wanna figure out Dabi's identity and this is the best way to" Todoroki replied.

Okay, uh.
Kill 5 people each" Shigaraki said.

Todoroki walked away, Bakugo followed behind.

They found Dabi using his phone, just sitting.

"Oi, staples.
Crusty lips said we got a mission to kill 5 people each and you gotta go." Bakugo hissed.

"Ugh, why again?"

"He said we had to practice." Todoroki lied.

Dabi groaned, "fine then.
Let's go I guess"

The 3 of them exited the league's base, however.
Because Todoroki still had to be in disguise, he wore a hoodie and mask.

Bakugo and Dabi however, were already revealed to the public so there was nothing for them to worry about.

The 3 of them walked through alleyways, it was the easiest way of travel without needing to worry about being spotted.

Eventually, they came across a potential victim.

Todoroki wanted to see how Dabi would use his flames, if Dabi was Toya he'd be able to recognize the style.
Especially with how he and Toya were trained the same exact way.

"Oh look, a good victim"
Dabi sent out a raging inferno at the innocents civilian, killing them instantly.

Todoroki's eyes widened, the way Dabi had swung his hands to grasp the most flames possible was...
The same exact style as his.

"Alright, 1 person down for myself.
4 more to go" Dabi sighed.

Bakugo looked at Todoroki who looked like he was mustering up a lot of courage and chuckled.
The 3 walked away from the burned corpse and into a different alleyway.
They were alone.

Todoroki sighed and pressed his 2 hands together as he aimed at Dabi.
He activated his quirk and sent a blast of water at Dabi's head.


For..." Dabi said as he noticed the water discolor to a murky black.

Todoroki's eyes widened as he stared at the back of Dabi's head...



Look at this bunny!" Eri exclaimed

Midoriya hummed in response.
They were both in the field, chilling.
The horses still hadn't finished their meals.

Eri got up and went running when she suddenly tripped over, this time it wasn't her fault.
Something had tripped her.

Midoriya caught her and walked over to see what was the cause.
That's when he saw an egg.

"An egg?
In the middle of nowhere??" Midoriya said aloud as he placed Eri down and lifted the egg up.
Midoriya looked around, there weren't many Animals that laid eggs in sight.
The egg was too big to be a bird egg either.

It was big enough that it took 2 hands to completely wrap around the circumference.
It was a dark blue was purple scales around it.

"Can we keep it?" Eri asked.

Midoriya looked over at her, then the egg, then back at her.

No harm in keeping it I guess." Midoriya replied.

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