~Ricky dillon~ no more cutting

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Today you were looking on YouTube and you came across a YouTuber called Ricky Dillon you were not sure if you should click on the the video but you did anyway.

after watching the video you feel in love with him, and a few hours of watching more of his videos you discovered he lived near you and was doing a meet and greet in 2 months close by.

After waiting patiently for the months to go by, the day of Ricky's meet and greet was here and you were super excited and just could wait, you got dressed into something nice and then went to the place.

After waiting in the line for a few hours it was your turn to meet him, you go straight up to him and give him the biggest hug, he asks you how you are but you just couldn't speak, you were so happy

When you could finally speak you told him you were okay and told him about your past before you discovered his YouTube channel and told him every time you wanted to cut you just watched his videos because he had you happy.

After a few minutes of telling Ricky this, he engulfs you into the biggest hug and whispers in to your ear "no more cutting, in here to help" and you had the biggest smile on your face as you took the photo with Ricky and when you left even though you were upset that you had to go you were still happy about meeting Ricky.

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