The Party Pt. 2

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You jump slightly from the deep voice. You head flicks to your left and you find a tall man.

His tan skin sparkles from the overhead kitchen light.

His brown eyes were slightly slanted, you could only guess that he was grinning underneath his black mask.

"Why don't you take a picture?" He rakes his hand through his light brown locks, "It'll last you longer." He chuckles deeply

You quickly turn your head back to your glass.

"Don't worry, I was staring at you too. I think you're very beautiful." He says and you can feel the blush rushing to your cheeks so in return you drink more.

"The names K.T." He states, "And yours?"

"Ara." You say softly before taking another sip of your drink

"Beautiful name for a beautiful girl. How do you know Tula?" He ask

"We're friends." You state, taking another sip

"Ah? Not going to ask me how I know her?"

You suddenly feel guilty, "I'm sorry. I'm just-I get nervous around new people." You say

"It's okay. Usually I do too but, I feel comfortable with you."

You smile at his words, finally taking another glance at him

"Ah, the beautiful girl with the beautiful name has a beautiful smile too. Seems I've become very lucky."

You can't help but laugh softly again. You finally take a full look at him. His eyes were hypnotizing. His voice was smooth like a rich, melted, dark chocolate. It wrapped you within it and made you feel safe. His aura was calm, collected, but he was outgoing and rambunctious. It reminded you of someone.

"Have we met before?" You ask

"I think I'd remember you." He says

"Oh? Would you?" You say, finally flirting back

"Oh love, no one could forget you." He says and you smile, his eyes squint and you figure he's smiling too.


For the rest of the night you both talked and drank. Not heavily but more socially. It was comforting and you couldn't understand why.

"K.T?" You ask as you both now sit in the backyard alone, your feet dangling in the pool

"Mm?" He hums as he moves his feet around

"Why won't you remove your mask?"

His head slowly lifts and in a panic you speak

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to offend you or-"

"I am sick." He says quickly, "I wanted to support Tula but I didn't want to get anyone else sick."

You face palm.

"I'm an idiot. Of course that's why. I'm sorry." You say

He chuckles, "No, you're fine. I promise."

"K.T?! You out here?" A voice calls, causing you and and K.T to turn towards the back door.

"Here." He says as the man with jet black hair spots him and runs over.

He seemed to not even notice your presence as he came beside K.T.

"We've gotta go. The guys are ready to go home since we can't find her."

You ignore his words as you can't seem to keep your eyes off this new character. His build was similar to that of K.T's but, this new guy was bigger. His eyes were black and he too was wearing a black mask.

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