Travel for Info

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Midoriya lifted Eri up carefully using his telekinesis.
He also grabbed the book she was reading, he knew she'd want to finish it.

He grabbed a couple other books that may  interest her and walked out of the library.

"We're going to be out for a day.
That dress might not be the most comfortable.
I should bring along a couple of her outfits and are comfortable and look nice at the same time." Midoriya walked over to Eri's room and went through her closet.
He picked out 25ish outfits, he figured that he'd be spending quite some time over at the other city and the travel there itself took a while.

Once he had her outfits picked out he tucked them into a nice case and walked over to his own room.

He grabbed some more outfits and things he needed, put them in a suitcase and walked out.

Eri rested comfortably in his arms, her head laid on his shoulder as she fell into a deeper sleep.

Once Midoriya walked out he was greeted by royal guards that escorted him to his carriage.

Midoriya noticed the horses weren't any regular horses...
They had wings.

They were Pegasus kind.

Midoriya's eyes widened, it was the first time he had ever seen a winged horse.

"Okay, these horses should take around a day to arrive to the city!
Remember, they can't fly continuously and will likely take breaks on some trails.
Don't worry about it!
How long do you plan to stay over at the city?"

"Maybe a couple days, it depends on the information I collect" Midoriya replied.

"Okay Monarch, you are good to go!"

Midoriya nodded his head as he entered the carriage.
The seats were nice and cushioned, at the same time there was walking space in the carriage.

Midoriya placed Eri on his side, her head resting on his lap.
She laid down and stayed asleep.

Midoriya put the seatbelt on her and himself as he put his luggage below him and on the seat across and to the side of him.

Midoriya had curtains on his window, he could choose to look out of it or not.

Soon the carriage started to move, Midoriya could feel it rise to the air and travel.
Once they were at a steady elevation, he moved the curtains to the side, allowing for the moon's light to enter.

The light calmly shun on Midoriya's and Eri's faces.
After a little bit, Midoriya heard sniffles coming from Eri.
He looked at her confused and watched her cry in her sleep.

She then suddenly jolted awake, tears streamed down her pale face.

"Are you okay?" He asked as he patted her head.

Eri began to cry some more as horrible memories came into play.
Midoriya pulled a napkin out and handed it to her.

"He's dead now, he can't get to you.
Don't worry.

Look" Midoriya pointed to the window, revealing the full moon.

Eri's tears calmed down as she wiped the remainder and looked outside the window.

"Where are we...?
Weren't we in the library...?" She asked.

"We were, it got late and you fell asleep.
I needed to travel to another city and decided to take you along.
Does that answer your question?" Midoriya replied.

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