The Party Pt. 1

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"What? T.S?" You ask confused

"The Suits." He says as he glances at the letter

"Can I have it-"

"No. I'm gonna have the guys analyze it. See what we can get from it." He huffs out

"Dad, I'm 23 years old. I think I can handle reading a letter-"

"If you could then you wouldn't have come to me."

You stand quietly as his response was accurate.

"Look, continue with life. Don't stop because then they'll think their power over you is growing. What are your plans for tonight?"

"Seena invited me to a party but I wasn't going-"

"Go. Go and have fun and imagine this isn't happening. After the party, call me and I'll pick you up. But we just can't allow them to think they've gotten to you."

But the sad thing is, they have gotten to you. You're scared and every bump in the night seems to leave you petrified.

"Ok." You say softly as he turns to continue putting groceries away.

You grab your phone from your pocket and text Seena.

Is that invite still valid?

For you? Always! Tula would love to have you!


Seven. I'll swoop you.

"I'll have Felix bring me."

You suck in a deep breath, ignoring the noise your father was purposely making to stop the silence.

You looked at the clock in the wall above him and realized it was 6:15.

"I should get ready." You say

"Yea." He replies, "I'll be lock up when I'm done."

You only nod before walking towards your room.

"Take your mace."

You smile, "Of course, daddy."

On your way to your room, you notice Felix standing beside the door.

"Better?" He ask

"I guess.. not really. Hey you wanna come to a party?"

He nods, "I'll get ready."

You smile, "Same."


The drive was enjoyable. You could tell Felix was trying very hard to keep your mind off of what your dad was saying.

Unknowingly, he had heard everything your father was saying. You asked him if he had known anything about The Suits and he said what every one does.

That they're "dangerous and uncontrollable."

He pulled into the driveway of the house and you both sat in a comfortable silence. It was nice having someone who knew everything.

Felix smiled at you as you watched the people enter the house and exit the house.

"Hey... Ar?"

You look up and smile at him, "Yes?"

"You good? I mean there seems to be a lot of people here today—"

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