Chapter 7

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Everyone was off of the boat and we had everything with us.

"everyone follow me!" Harry said.

we head across the beach for about 3 hours. until i saw some movement in a cave of the rocky cliff side.

"I've got these!" I said whilst thinking they were zombies.

I pulled my sword out and walked towards them.

"Stay back!" A high pitched voice screamed.

"Guys get here now!" I yelled.

Everyone got their best weapons out and ran over to me.

"what is it?" Megan asked.

"people!" i whispered in reply.

"We mean no harm to you please we need to stay somewhere we've just arrived here from england. Please we're begging!" I called to them.

All of thepeople squashed into to the small, dark and high up cave climbed down.

"Fine, but we can't stay here!"

We followed them for about an hour, but we were still on the beach.

"do they like sand then?" Francesca asked.

"quiet!" One of the new people whispered "they might hear us!"

"What are your names?" I quietly asked.

"I'm Caitlyn this is Nereece this is ellie this is Sinead and that's Shannon." she quietly replied.

the group of girls stopped and looked out at a swimming object.

"They can swim?" Sinead asked Caitlyn.

"That ain't no zombie, That's a Surviver." she replied.

everyone wen into the water to help this mysterious man that was swimming towards us.

"Peck!" Francesca shouted.

"Sh be quiet." Nereece whispered.

"Peck... what? How?." Megan asked.

"I'm a good swimmer!" Peck shouted angrily.

peck pulled a knife out of his pocket "it's all because of you!" He yelled.

"Peck don't do it. there was nothing he could have done!"

Peck got closer and swung his knife. I didn't look who it hit. but I hope it was know one,

"No!" Sophie yelled. "No!"...

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