Father-Daughter Relationship

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"Before I decide to merciless murder you.
I want to ask a couple things" Midoriya began as he smiled.
His smile was icy cold, it sent shivers down Chisaki's back.

That's when he realized who he was actually standing before.

The demonic Monarch.
The leader of all demons...

"What did you want to ask...?" He asked.

"The drugs.
Do you know how old the demon was when you removed chunks of flesh from her everyday?" Midoriya asked.

Chisaki's eyes widened, "hold on!
You know it's a girl which means you must know where she is!? Where is she?!" He hissed, he stood up a bit angry.

"Sit down.
You still haven't answered the question" Midoriya spat, his words dripping with malice.
Chisaki fell back.

4" he replied.

Shigaraki already knew he wouldn't be working with Chisaki, he could see right through his malicious intent.
It's why he didn't care about Midoriya's reaction.

If she were a human with the same abilities, would you be cutting her up?" Midoriya asked.

Chisaki paused for a bit, he looked at Midoriya and grinned.
"Yes I would"

"So you're disgusting to demons and your own kind.
How gross.

It's so weird you're a germaphobe, you don't like being around trash yet you can stand yourself.

Anyways, to answer your question yes I do have the girl.
And she isn't in the human realm anymore.
Now, from what my servants examined she had 50 incision marks total.

That is the amount of times I will slam you into the wall before snapping your neck" Midoriya hissed as he removed his bracelet.

Chisaki panicked and slapped the ground, sending a spike right at Midoriya.

Midoriya destroyed it with a negativity blast.
He captured Chisaki under his manipulation, disabling his quirk.

Midoriya grabbed his staff and began to slam Chisaki into the wall to his side, counting mentally.
He noticed some members of the Yakuza come running and so he shut the door using telekinesis and knocked those behind it out as he continued.

Bakugo stared at Chisaki satisfied with what Midoriya was doing.
His nose and jaw were already broken and with how things were going, it wouldn't be a surprise if Chisaki started to internally bleed with a broken spine and skull.

And that's exactly what happened once Midoriya slammed him 50 times.

Midoriya looked at his bloody face and sighed.
He shot both his legs and arms off before snapping his neck and dropping his body.

Midoriya lit his body on fire and put his bracelet back on.

"Let's go back to the base"

Kurogiri nodded his head and opened up a warp gate, from there the 4 of them left.

"So, how did the meeting go?" Magne asked.

"Midoriya was right, he's bad news.
He's dead now" kurogiri replied.

"Called it" they all said in unison.

"Well, now what?"

"We move on without him, let's see.
Our top goal is to destroy hero society and cause chaos all over Japan before moving onto the rest of the world.
If we're going to do that we have to kill all the heroes and get UA out of the way.
Actually, we have to destroy all hero schools.

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