The Suits Pt. 2

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"It wasn't... Mama's diner was it?" he ask but you only nod warily before your shoulders bounce slightly from the sniffles and tears that begin to fall.

"Plum, how did you make it to the Jung District of Seoul?"

"Daddy, I don't know! But after I spoke with the owner, I saw two more men appear behind the one."

He stands still speechless, a hand grasped around his mouth and another on his hip as he paces.

"What were they wearing?" he asks as his hand rakes through his thick head of dark gray hair

"Fedoras and long exaggerated trench coats." you say

"Okay, anything else?"

"Yes." you answer honestly as you open your purse and place the multitude of notes that have been sent to your home and your friends.

"Okay, head home. I'm gonna have Walker and Luther patrol your house for a while. Then after them I'll send in some other guys. They will all do shifts."

"What? Why?" you ask frightfully

"I need to figure this out. My daughter was attacked and then chased. Just--go and I'll be over tonight." he says as you stand slowly

"I'm not at home. I'm staying with a friend right now."

"What friend? Seena? I have her house address, that's fine. I'll meet you—"

"No," you shake your head, "His name is Felix." You mumble

"His?" You father questions


"Fine." He grimaces, "Text me his address, okay?"

"Okay, dad." you reluctantly leave. You know as your father he feels it is his job to protect you. But, you don't like the headspace you're leaving him in.


A few hours had passed and your father expected you to be at your friend's home, safe and sound. He didn't like the idea of him being a male but at least you weren't alone.

He sits in his home office, stressing over the letters you had received.

"What is it, Jihyun?" ask your mother as she enters the room with a fresh cup of tea.

He sighs as she places it beside him,

"Areum...Our daughter is being targeted by The Suits." he says sternly

"What? Why?" she asks and your father smiles at how similar you both sound

"I'm not sure but--dammit Areum---Look at this!" he shouts as he throws the letters across his desk only for your mother to swiftly pick some of them up.

"My love and my all," she reads, "Forever as one?" She questions, "Wha--Are these love letters?"

He nodded his head slowly as he held his chin atop his crossed-thumbs and stared down at the placemat he has with your face on it.

This is where he kept his most precious things. People at the station always wondered why he never had pictures up like the rest of them.

But your father is paranoid, he separates work and home. No one, who wasn't of the department, needed to know of his family. He's secretive and protective that way over his loving wife and his precious plum.

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