The Suits Pt. 1

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You bend down and pick it up, again you look for a return address but nothing.

You open it and prepare yourself to read the paper inside.

'We really don't want to scare you.
But we don't know how to approach you anymore. Who is this new woman that has come to fruition? Is she strong? Outgoing? Smart? Or is she shy? A loner? Dumb? You never ceased to amaze me back then Ara and you still never cease now. Until we meet again, and this time I won't let you go.'

Just when you thought the nightmare was over, another folded paper fell from the envelope. It was folded tightly to make it into a small square.

'There was only meant to be one casualty that night. But your presence gave me three.'

Your heart clenches. You're so lost in the letters that you don't even realize the pair of long legs planted in front of you.

"Is that another letter?"

You jump back fearfully only to see
Felix with a bag of food.

You slowly rise from the ground and he enters his home before closing the door.

You follow him into his kitchen where he sets the bags onto the island before deeply sighing.

"This has to stop, Ara. You haven't even been here a day and they're already-"

"I'll leave-I'll go and then you'll be safe-"

"Ara do you think I care about being safe if you're not safe as well? You-God Ara this wasn't the way I wanted to tell you."

You take a step closer to him,

"Tell me what?" You say worriedly

"I didn't want to be like everyone else Ara but you're so intoxicating. It's impossible for anyone to not like you. You don't have to like me back but for the year we've worked and known each other, you've become important to me so now, I don't want you to leave but you have to tell your dad. I need some type of help to keep you safe." Felix finally finishes his verse and you standby dumbfounded.

Had Felix really just admitted that he had a crush on you?

Suddenly you weren't so sad. But instead more intrigued.

"Ara?" Felix questioned, interrupting your thoughts, "We're telling your dad tomorrow... okay?"

"N-No I'll tell him." You stutter, "This is a father daughter topic... no offense."

"None taken, go shower and then we'll eat."

"Just give me a week okay? That's all I'm asking."

"A week, Ara. Only one."

You nod and slowly walk off towards the bathroom. His words echoing through your mind.


A week has gone by and you and Felix have become more accustomed to living together. You go to work together, eat together and thankfully neither of you have brought up his confession.

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