Shie Hissaikai

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Midoriya walked out of his office and went over to his library.
Midoriya enjoyed reading in his free time to learn more about the demonic realm and he had a lot of free time.
The meeting with Chisaki wouldn't take place for 2 weeks and Eri was in an entirely different realm.

Chisaki had no way of finding her.

Midoriya took a nice sip of his tea when he was suddenly disrupted by the servants of the palace.

We have the princess all fixed up, what would you like us to do with your daughter now?" One of the servants cheered.

Midoriya spit out his drink out of surprise, "daughter???
I don't have any kids??"
He exclaimed.

"You don't...?
Then who's the girl?"

"She's a girl I saved.
She doesn't have anywhere to go so I'm letting her stay at the palace" Midoriya replied.

"Oh! So she is your daughter!"


"But you decided to take her in.
Theirfor she is your daughter and the new princess!
We'll spread the word!" They ran out not giving Midoriya any time to argue, leaving Eri just standing near the entrance.

Midoriya sighed, "sorry about them.
Take a seat I guess"
He pointed at a seat across from him.

She nodded her head and quietly walked over, the dress made it hard to walk.
Midoriya noticed as she tripped over, he stopped her fall using his telekinesis.
He placed her on the chair and poured her a cup of tea. He placed it besides her and started to drink his own.

It was silent from there as Midoriya continued to read his book, "Demonic Realm 101".

Eri took the cup of tea and drank some, the cup took 2 of her hands to hold.
She glanced over at the book Midoriya was reading, her eyes widened in surprise.
That was the same book her dad had read to her...

Before he died.

Midoriya noticed the happy surprise In her eyes and put the cup down.
"What's wrong?"

It's j-just that's the s-same b-book my dad u-used to r-read to me...
He d-died" she replied.

"Oh, if you don't mind answering.
How exactly did he die?"

Eri looked at the edge of the table, tears forming at the edges of her eyes.
I k-killed him...
M-my quirk..." She replied.

"Your quirk?"
"Right this was on the file.
Her quirk is rewind and only works on living things.
I guess it must've kicked in while he held her"

"D-do you h-hate me...??"

"Why would I?"

"I k-killed someone...
It makes me evil..."

"It's only 1 person.
I've killed around 600-800, don't worry"

"600-800 people...???"

"Humans, not demons.
And yeah pretty much.
Don't worry about it"

"Okay..." She took another sip of her tea.
A napkin floated over to her, Midoriya had noticed her tears were starting to transform into snot and drain out her nose.

She took the napkin and wiped her face off.

"Can you read at all?" He asked.

"Kind of."

Midoriya hummed in response as he took another sip of tea.
"There should be a book around here she can read"

His eyes skimmed around the library behind his book.
He saw a book that may interest Eri and floated it over to her.

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