1 - Too much planning

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A/N: Before you read this story (and you haven't read the "blurb"), please be sure that you have read "That Day" because this book is the sequel of "TD" and you'll find here some reference to the first book. Besides, the Chapter 1 is full of information about "TD", so if you don't want spoilers, read "TD" first!

* * *

The room looked perfect. Marinette took a glance just to check if everything was in its place. She even had tidied up the desk where she usually sewed. She sighed softly as her eyes fell on the old dollhouse. The house where Tikki – the creature closest to her soul, Ladybug's kwami, who gave Marinette the power to create – had been living for two years.

Those days were over. For past three years the dollhouse had been empty, staying in the corner and reminding the girl of those wonderful times. Although the superheroine's duties had filled her time and she often had to skip lessons or forget about the rest at night, saving Paris from the supervillain, Hawk Moth, she felt great joy each time, that it worked again. But most of all she always had such a positive and kind creature by her side...

Sabine tried to persuade Marinette to throw away that old dollhouse and didn't understand her daughter's reluctance to get rid of the junk. Mum couldn't have known how much this toy meant to the former superheroine. She had no idea it reminded her daughter of Tikki and the time spent together with her kwami. Marinette was still very emotional at the thought that she couldn't have even said goodbye to her – Master Fu had taken her Miraculous away so suddenly. So did he with the Cat Noir's Miraculous.

Marinette's thoughts drifted to her partner. For so many months she had fought alongside Cat Noir and kept rejecting his advances, unaware that it was Adrien Agreste behind the mask – the boy she was insanely in love. One day changed everything. That day, when she saved him from the crowd of fans. After that Adrien transferred his feelings from Ladybug to Marinette, not knowing that he fell in love with the same girl. Again.

She sighed. It had been strange three years! First, she lost her kwami – the creature that was so close to her heart and soul. But she found a perfect boy who wanted to sacrifice himself just to keep her safe. Sometimes Marinette had nightmares about that evening when Gabriel Agreste had made his wish. Luckily, he used wrong words... Adrien survived and got back his Mum. Instead, he lost his father. But what kind of father was Gabriel if he wanted to kill his own child?

It took some time until they were ready to move on after that evening. Emilie Agreste needed a few months for the recovery. When she was getting better, doctors suggested further therapy in a health resort, so Emilie left Paris to Switzerland, taking her son with her.

For Adrien these few weeks of summer holiday in a foreign country meant a separation from his girlfriend. They'd just started dating and he wanted to spend all his spare time with her! On the other hand, his mother needed him and traveling together to Switzerland was a perfect occasion to rebuild their family.

Meanwhile Marinette stayed in Paris and worked so hard at the bakery just to keep going. She missed her boyfriend and Tikki so much that it ached physically. Of course, she could talk with Alya about her longing for Adrien. But there was no one, except Adrien himself, she could talk about Tikki...

After summer holiday their life returned to normal, or rather became as it always should have been like. Adrien's schedule wasn't so overloaded anymore, so he could spend more time after school with his friends and girlfriend. And he was finally surrounded by the care of loving mother.

However, it happened sometimes when both Adrien and Marinette felt overwhelmed with the longing for their kwamis. They spent such evenings in silence, just cuddled comforting each other.

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