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[Also now made into a book^^^]

Mina x Sero

Soft bakugou AU

(Dont fight on the heights)

Kirishima 6'1

Kaminari 6'0

Jirou 5'8

Sero 6'9

Mina 5'11

Bakugou 5'2

I changed their ages a little bit but they are all still in 1A

Mina and Sero: 17

Jirou: 16

Kirishima and Kaminari: 15

Bakugou: 14

No one POV:

Mina and Sero are the parents of the bakusquad everyone in class 1A knows that. The bakusquad even starts calling mina mom/mama/mommy and sero dad/dada/daddy mostly bakugou will call then mama/mommy/dada/daddy and they dont mind they find it adorable

Mina and Sero love being parents to all of them, Right now the bakusquad are all hanging out in seros and minas dorm with sero and mina on the bed and bakugou between them kirishima  and denki are on the floor and the edge of the bed and jirou is sitting at the desk

"You know how people call us a family with you two the parents?" Jirou asked everyone nodded

"Well we view it like that too we think of you guys like our kids" mina said sero nodded, kirishima and denki moved and sat at the edge of the bed and jirou joined

"Really?" Denki asked with stars in his eyes

"Yeah like jirou is our teen daughter that we have to constantly worry about dates" sero says jirou chuckles

"Kirishima and denki are like 6 year olds" mina says rolling her eyes playfully

"Hey! Well it's true but still" kirishima says pouting

"And bakugou is like our baby" mina says and kisses his cheek, sero ruffles bakugous head

"I'm big" bakugou pouts

"Of course little man" sero say pulling bakugou on his lap making him giggle

"Well then can we call you mom and dad?" Jirou asks the three "older siblings" give puppy dog eyes

"I dont see why not" sero chuckles they all cheer (denki,kirishima,bakugou,jirou have family issues in this AU)

Later when the whole class was eating dinner at the table bakugou sat between mina and sero and jirou sat on minas side and kiri and denki sat on seros side, bakugou kept missing his mouth on accident

"Here baby let mommy take care of that" mina says and starts feeding bakugou, bakugou just happily eats and everyone but the bakusquad is confused

"Thank you mama" bakugou says when he was finished

"No problem baby" mina kisses his head

"Explain please?" Iida asks the rest of the class nods

"Well we just kinda are a family" sero said and the noticed Kirishima and denki having a small food fight with each other

"Boys." He says sternly the both stop

"Sorry dad" they said in sink

"Its ok" he said getting a napkin and wiping their faces

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