Chapter 15

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       Nothing prepared Tara for this. She was never into camping or wildlife. Living in the big city the farthest she ever got to wildlife was Central Park. She was kicking herself for never staying in the girl scouts. Her heart lurched at every sound. She was terrified but she wouldn't let that stop her. Her way to the chapel was a slight blur which made looking for the chapel through the low lit forest like a maze. All sorts of creatures of the night chirped and made noise.

Pulling her backpack around from her shoulders, she opened it and pulled out her cell phone. Looking at the screen she sighed. This is the first her phone has been on so long. She stopped quickly to look at it.

May 30, 2014
Battery power 63%

She flipped through  the apps for her flashlight. Relieved  she found it she aimed it forward and continued walking. Excitement  cleared her mind as she felt she was nearing the chapel. What seemed like hours was just mere minutes before she crossed the small clearing and saw the large structure in the distance. Quickly she turned off the light and put away her cell not wanting to waste her battery.

Home felt so close, but yet so far she thought.

How was she going to get home?

Thinking to herself as her feet continued to move.

there had to be some portal she fell through leading her here in this time.

There were no clues, no signs, no simple logical explanation came to her mind. But, how could it explain her dream about being in the hospital? Could her soul or spirit be in two different dimensions at once,  is that even possible?

Would Mimi even believe her? Thinking out loud to yourself.

" I had to have been thrown into a different time whatever happened to the bright light I was supposed to see?" She wondered.

Nearing the chapel door, she stopped and took a deep breath nervous as to how this night would turn out. Slowly she pushed open the door and entered the dark  Chapel.

Walking slowly she neared a nearby altar, looking around she tried to see if anything was out of place anything to give her a hint as to how she came here any openings anything that would show her a way back home. Slowly she turned and look up puzzled as to the first day she remembered waking up in here . She remembers now falling from the top floor. But, looking up the floor was intact and the chapel itself was different.

Confusion and anger was beginning to set in, she was not clear what was going on or why this was happening to her. Anxiety and panic set in  because she realized now there were no signs of how she would return home. No portal, no lights, nothing.

The reality of it all hit her hard. As if she received a blow to her stomach she slumped to her knees in a deep breath. This was no bad dream,  tears began to form in her eyes. She searched for some sense of all of this but none came.

Was she slowly going insane?

Was the blow to her head so hard that she is stuck in this nightmare?

Her head began to hurt again and her tears fell hard.

The soft thump of the door behind her made her quickly stand and face the person who entered.

She turned to face Duncan as he stood by the door. His hands were placed on the hilt of his sword as he walked slowly as if ready for an ambush. Numbness overtook her as she leaned in defeat against one of the pews for support of her shakey legs. He stood before her and looked down at her.

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