Chapter 2: Meeting Morgeade

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At the bar, Sunako ordered a Smirnoff Ice. (It may not get you drunk, but it'll give you a nice warm buzz.) Then, she looked around. There were lots of people out tonight; few people at the bar, a lot of people being served, but most were on or near the dance floor, dancing to some bump and grind music the deejay was playing. She took another sip. The buzz was starting to kick in. After a few more sips, her drink was gone and she ordered something stronger. That was, too, soon gone and Sunako was starting to get tipsy. She looked at the people on the dance floor, and they looked like they were having fun. So, she decided to go out there, herself.

He watched her. She was unique. Dancing sexily, but she was dressed in a black cloak. Was she vain or shy? All he knew was that she was amazing. Suddenly, watching from the sidelines wasn't enough for him. He wanted to dance with her. As he started towards her through crowds of people, somebody stepped on the edge of her cloak, and it slid off. There was only one word to describe her; wow.

Sunako was faintly aware of the cloak sliding off, but through her buzz it was impossible to care. Now, no one was bright, no one hurt her eyes. There was something warm pressed in front of her, bumping and grinding, hands holding her hips. It was a new sensation, but nice. In return, she swayed and bumped and wrapped her arms around his neck. Their hot breaths mingled. Sunako looked up to see a tall, handsome, and, best of all, dark man looking down at her with a weird look in his eye. One she hadn't ever seen before when a guy looked at her. He looked...hungry. Usually, Sunako would back away immediately, but there was a kindred feeling about him that made its way through her drunken fog.

The guy had rich, russet hair, melting chocolate eyes, wide and sexy shoulders (hey, she was a girl after all!), and with her arms around his neck, she could feel he was muscular, too. Sunako put her head on his shoulder to escape from the intensity of his eyes.

He just couldn't believe he was dancing with her. When the cloak slid off, basically every guy in the place turned predatory. So, to protect her, and to ease his curiosity about her, he quickly got over to where she was. After a few minutes of dancing with her, he could tell she was drunk. All of a sudden, she put her arms around his neck and got closer. God, she felt good! Then, the girl looked up at him with the most beautiful violet eyes he had ever seen. And her lips were so close to his, the temptation was nearly impossible to resist. He did resist, though, because he didn't want to take advantage of her. He wanted her to actually want to kiss him. Weird. He had never, ever, wanted a girl to like him before.

After the song ended Sunako said, "I need to go home. It's 3 in the morning, my friends, they're probably worried." She started to walk away, but he grabbed her arm.

"You're drunk. I'll walk you home, safely."

"No one would want to kidnap me, don't worry," she told him. He didn't understand that. Why would no one want to kidnap her?

"It's my conscience, I'll do what makes me feel better."

"Fine. Whatever." Sunako gave a hiccup. She walked out onto the street with his arm around her waist.

As Sunako stumbled the way back with New Guy making sure she didn't fall, the guys at home were worried.

"Where do you think she is, this late?" Yuki asked for the second time.

"Who the hell cares? She's a grown woman!" Kyouhei yelled. He was getting sick of this. Everyone was blaming him for her disappearance. How was it his fault? It was just a little fight, that he got especially aggravated.

"Well, I just hope that she's alright," said Takenaga.

"Hey! Maybe she met a guy!" Everybody stared at Ranmaru, then they all laughed. The laughter subsided when they heard the door bell ring. "It's Sunako!"

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