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"I can't believe you didn't tell me you liked and were planning to confess to Sanemi!" Tengen whined like a spoiled brat. "I couldn't help play matchmaker, dang it!"

"Yeah, (Y/n)-chan!" Mitsuri frowned. "We're all friends? Why didn't you tell us anything? We could've helped you."

"I felt my efforts would've been ruined if I told you guys about it." You laughed nervously, scratching the side of your cheek.

Thankfully your confession ended in great success and you hadn't told anybody about it but Sanemi's brother, Genya, seems to have caught on and told everyone else the news so now you were all out at a restaurant to celebrate. All of you had pitched in to book a private room simply because you all knew this was gonna turn chaotic in the later hours.

"What?" Tengen gasped and he was offended by the fact you thought he of all people would ruin it. "Me? The man with 3 girlfriends ruin a confession? I'm offended you think of that low."

"I might not have any experiences with relationships or confessing but I've gotten confessions before so I could've helped!" Mitsuri piped up and you couldn't help but shoot Obanai a pitiful look.

"Well it ended in success, so there's nothing to worry about."

"But in all honesty (Y/n), I never expected you would like Sanemi of all people," Shinobu voiced out.

"Why? Is there something wrong with me?" Sanemi barked from right beside you as you laughed nervously, this could end in two way; a fight or a fight.

"A lot of things actually," Giyuu remarked.

"Say that to my face, you bastard!"

"I did."

"I was honestly worried though when you said you needed Aniki's help for a confession," Genya spoke up. "I felt bad for Aniki, since he's liked you for a long time."

"He did?" you asked, piqued by what Genya had just revealed.

"Shut it you brat!" he yelled. "What do you know?!"

"Now now Sanemi, no need to be alarmed," Gyoumei started, placing a hand on his shoulder, "everyone but (Y/n) knew about your crush."


"Shut it!" Sanemi yelled, his face turning red.

"You had no idea, it was actually obvious to everyone but you." Tengen had that shit eating grin and Sanemi knew some things he wanted to keep a secret wasn't going to be a secret for long.

"Do tell," you urged.

"I mean, the most obvious thing would be the treatment he'd give you and us," Tengen sighed. "It's unfair really. When we ask him for things like baked goods or suddenly showing up in front of his place, he'd just get mad at us for even asking and slam the door in our faces when he felt like it."

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