Chapter 3

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"James called. For a dinner together. With...Katy and others." he said.

" going?" I asked.

'"Why not?"he asked, avoiding my gaze.

"Um...with Katy...and" This is hard. Katy is Ken's girlfriend. Was Ken's girlfriend. They just broke up about a week ago.

In our little gang, we have 6 members including me. I am the newest actually. I joined 4 months ago. And we have James. James Cashan, football player. Handsome football player. Flirty Handsome football player. Flirty handsome football player who already has a girlfriend. Donna Ashpen, James's girlfriend, plays guitar. Ben Coover, single but likes boys than girls, artist. Katy sings. Very good. She has an angelic voice which is surprising when i first saw her. Pierced-lip, Red-haired. Ken plays drum. Sexy drummer boy. Okay, I'll stop.

"Why? I'm okay, Kris. Don't worry." He said, still avoiding my gaze.

"Okay. So, Same place? When?"

"Now." He said finally look at me in the eyes.

"Now? What? Why hadn't you tell me sooner? i have to change." i said, grabbing my bag and run to the door.

"I'll pick you up in 5 minutes" he shouted after me.

"Fuck you, No. 10. No, 15 minutes. 15 MINUTES.''

My house is in front of Ken's. I have to sneaked in to my house, because I don't want to wake my parents. I don't want to wake my parents because I don't want them to know that I didn't come home last night.

I don't want them to know that I didn't come home last night because I don't think I can stand the questions this early in the morning. I showered in 5 minutes and was dressing up when the doorbell rang. I don't bother open the door for him. I said 15 minutes, and he still insist on coming. I picked my strawberry t shirt and skinny jeans paired with my black converse. I put on some make up just to leave Ken waiting at the door a bit longer. Served him right. I checked my reflection in the mirror one last time and went downstairs. I opened up the door and saw no one. Then I spot him in my red Mini Cooper. When did he get my car key? He was talking on his phone. I walked up to him just when he hung up.

"So, ready?" I asked, his expressions wasn't so good. I don't who he was talking to or what that call was about but I don't want to ask seeing his face like this.

"Okay. Get in." he said staring ahead, avoiding my gaze. I got in silently. We were driving for 5 minutes when I noticed we weren't going to the coffee shop we supposed to meet the others.

"Ken? Where are we going?" I asked trying to sound normal. He didn't reply.

His phone beeped. He got a message. I caught a glimpse of his phone before he snatched it away. The message was from Ben. Ken read the message and drove faster than ever. I felt like we were flying. Like we were actually faster than the speed of light. "Ken? KEN. SLOW DOWN."

His gaze fixed on the road and sped up. I was held back to my seat. And we stopped abruptly. My head was only a millimeter from the drawer in front of my seat. Ken got out of the car without turning back.

"KEN! What do you think you were doing?" Unbuckled my seat belt. Readjust my shirt. Got all my stuffs in my bag. Finally lifted my leg out of the car.

"Hey! What's wrong with you?" And I just got to take in the view in front of me. We were on a cliff. Manhattan was so beautiful. City lights flickering. The city was so busy but up here was so peaceful. Ken was sitting on the front of the car.

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