War chapter 4 Tiamat the bat-bitch

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When War and Watcher left on the portal. They entered a realm weirder than that of which they've ever seen before. Even for them O.o

Watcher: What in the nine hells?! Where a we?

Vulgrim: This is the merchants realm. No other demon or angel have ever been or seen before. Except for you.

War: So what was the exception?

Vulgrim: What I mentioned before. There is but one demon who has been here before. I believe that you have but already met him?

War:....... Samael!

Vulgrim: Precisely! Now we are here.

As all three arose from the portal they could see that the cathedral was covered in molten magma around the island and its entrance.

Watcher: Damn! That's hotter than hell!

War: Really? Let's move on. Vulgrim I am pleased for your assistance.

Vulgrim: Indeed. Do not worry. The pleasure was all mine horsemen. I shall be here once you are done with Tiamat.

War: Indeed.

War and Watcher kept walking towards the cathedral. As they kept walking War opened his wings and started flying towards the entrance.

Watcher: I like the wings ;) they look great on you

War: They were but a gift. But I can barely keep flying. This wings were only for hovering not flying at long distances.

Watcher: Well we better get there soon or your going to be turned into horsemen BBQ!

War: Agreed!

As War reached the cathedral entrance he could feel that something was off.

War: This doesn't feel right. There's something..... strange....

Watcher: What do you think it is?

War:I don't know... but let's find out.

War and Watcher opened the door to the entrance of the cathedral. Only to find that some of the halls of the place have been filed with lava. They had to watch there step for in the middle of the cathedral there was a giant hole filled with molten magma and some sort of black rock within it.

Watcher: What in God's name is that? It looks like a rock. War?

War: Hmph................

War kept watching the black rock slowly, he realized that it was no mere rock it was-

War: Get down!!!!

War then pushed Watcher down to the ground. The black rock that was on the middle of the molten magma was no rock. But -

Watcher: Tiamat!!!!

Announcer: Really?! Stop stealing my lines guys!!!!

Watcher: Sorry man. Just nervous.

War: Apologies.

Announcer: I accept your apology =3=. Well continuing.

Tiamat: Well,well,well if it isn't The horsemen. War was it??? Ja,ja,ja,ja!!!!!

War: Tiamat! I come for your heart!!!!!

Tiamat: Ah yes. My demons told me of your little quest to free Samael so you can kill the Destroyer... Well it's not happening!!!!!

War: Bring It then BITCH!!!!!!!

Watcher: OOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Burn!!!!!! Ja,ja,ja,ja,ja!!!!!

War and Tiamat engaged in battle. Fearlessly was War hitting Tiamat. But also was Tiamat hitting War as savagely as she could... but her attempts were effortless. Tiamat then let out a horrible screech. War had no choice but to stop hitting her and cover his ears. Tiamat took advantage of the situation and strikes War from above. She then grabbed War and dragged him to the top of the cathedral.

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