chapter 5 : the leaders and experience

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"....-maybe illl hang out with you girls sometimes"

rex replied as he waving goodbye at the 4 girls and proceed to go to the building

"so~ captain are those 4 girls tooking interest in you~" shoukaku teased

"no shoukaku i was just showing the girls my equipment and tell some stories during my service"

"aww thats sweet~ like a grandpa" replied shoukaku

"yeah yeah lets just go meet these 'lead kansen's' "

rex opened the door

"ladies first"

"oh my~ you're such a gentlemen" replied shoukaku


the two carrier giggles and enter first

"oh welcome back zuikaku and shoukaku" replied the girl in the information desk

"nice to meet you again edinburgh" replied by both carriers

the girl named edinburgh spotted the armoured man behin the carriers

"and you must be the same man that defeat those sirens right ?" edinburgh ask

"yes ma'am"

"oh... my name is HMS edinburgh nice to meet you sir" ediburgh introduced

'HMS could be her designation'

"nice to meet you edinburgh my name's rex a captain"

"nice to meet you captain rex" replied edinburgh

silence for 2 seconds

"so what's bring you here again" said edinburgh

"we're here bringing him to the lead kansen's" replied zuikaku

"o-oh yes... i'll call them now" replied edinburg as she goes to the back calling the lead kansen's

"this place is quiet peaceful for living in a hellhole era"

"*chuckles* yeah" replied zuikaku

edinburgh goes back to the two girls and the captain

"the lead kansen want to meet you now" said edinburgh

"ok then.. cmon captain follow us" replied zuikaku

"roger that zuikaku"

"bye edinburgh" said shoukaku waving goodbye

"bye zuikaku , bye shoukaku.. oh and you too captain"

edinburgh waving goodbye to the carriers and the captain

"yeah bye bye edinburgh"

the two girls and rex goes upstair to meet the lead kansen



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