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All might splattered all over the ground, blood splashed everywhere.
It even managed to dirty the buildings around, including Bakugo, Midoriya, Shinsou, and Todoroki.

Everyone in Japan saw it, it had been recorded and broadcasted everywhere...
Class A stared in horror from their homes, tears streamed down their faces.

In the demonic realm a sudden strike of negativity could be felt everywhere, it added on to the Festival that was going on.

Midoriya sadistically grinned as he lifted up the only distinguishable feature of all might left.
His head.

"Look here Japan!
Your symbol of peace is dead!

Expect havoc to reek!" Midoriya laughed as he vanished into his shadow, using the staff, he took Bakugo with him and left Todoroki and Shinsou.

Everything had went exactly as Midoriya had wanted it to.

Midoriya reappeared in the leagues base with Bakugo through the shadows.
He put the bracelet on and chuckled.

"With all might gone we can finally go through with our plans" Shigaraki said.


They turned on the news to watch Japan's reaction.

"This.... Just in.
All Might's fall.

In a rescue attempt earlier this night, Izuku Midoriya, and the rest of the league, fought all might to....

All might has been declared dead after izuku Midoriya held up his head to the camera.
Katsuki Bakugo was also on scene and after some listening in on the recorded audio....
He has joined the league of villains.
However what makes this more strange is that...
The teen boy had horns and a tail, like izuku Midoriya. However they didn't look exactly the same.

Officials are suspecting it has something to do with the villain's power that has made the other teen join the league.

However, In this horrible rescue attempt Shoto Todoroki and Hitoshi Shinsou have been rescued and recovered.
They are now recovering in a hospital.

Now honoring, All Might-"

They turned the TV off from there cause the rest of it was just showing clips of all might beating villains up.

Midoriya internally groaned as an important thought came to mind.
Everyone could see the annoyed look on his face.

"What's wrong?" Kurogiri asked.

The only reason all might was number one was because of a bias they all had with him...
Endeavor is going to become a problem." He groaned.

"No issue, we'll kill him like how we killed all might."

Time skip-
The next day

At UA.

Class A crowded Todoroki and Shinsou, all concerned for the 2 of them.

Aizawa came walking in, they were all standing outside a large building.
Aizawa had told them to wait there.

"Okay class...
I understand all of what's happened is stressing you all out but don't worry.
Todoroki and Shinsou have been both cleared as safe and healthy.

And here is why we are out here instead of in the class room.

You're all going to be living in the dormitory.
Due to Midoriya and the league, we've decided this is the best safety measure to go through with.
Each of you have a labeled dormitory with your name on it.
Your parents are coming with your things.

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