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Hi there Chael Belisario (pronounced as "Ka-el"), I'm Karylle Laglagpanti. Ang taong binigyan mo today ng nike waterbottle na color neon yellow.

It was so unexpected nung nakatambay lang kami ng friends ko sa harap ng chapel  not knowing na nakatambay ang illustrados sa stairs.  I was just sitting right there and pagkamaya maya dumaan ang barkada mo with you there. I waved my hand sa classmate mong MVP si Bullweiser but he ignored my wave then suddenly, humarap ka saakin and pumunta ka sa direction ko.

I was wondering kung bakit ka lumapit.

You told me, "Karylle, may ibibigay ako sayo."

And I was like "saakin?" Yes I don't really know what to say since it is my first time for somebody to give me a gift infront of my friends. Not like the other guy Sheeno who likes me very much pero kahit isang regalo walang binigay saakin.

"Yes. Sayo." Naghiyawan ang mga friends ko while you were searching something from your bag.

My friend, Drein told me na kunin ang paper bag sa harap ko which is lying there on the floor. I did it ang gave it to her.

I can't look at your eyes. Sabi nila nagblublush ka raw. And then you gave me the waterbottle. It was not only a water bottle. It was my super effin' dream neon yellow Nike waterbottle.

I was so shocked and my friends too.

Sorry I'm so ignorant with this feeling. After 17 years of living it was my first time talaga. First time.

Thank you talaga Chael. I didn't expect it talaga. Yesterday, i was so broken hearted kasi hindi ka naggreet saakin and wala talaga tayo nagkita. Thank you talaga Chael. THANK YOU!!

I don't know what going to happen next but bahala na si tadhana. Someday, sana magkita tayo somewhere. At the coffee shop, beach or somewhere international.

I'm going to college and that means I'm to leave you this memory of puppy love.

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