Chapter 27

    I packed my backpack with everything I needed, from the file, to weapons, and by the time I was done, it was pretty heavy. I sighed, and started going through it again, when Cay came up into my room, she sighed also, and impatiently asked,

    “What are you doing?”

    “All this stupid stuff is too heavy!” I sighed in exasperation.

    She went through everything, examining.

    “I’m pretty sure you don’t need an AK-47, or twenty gazillion grenades, and you certainly do not need a sniper,” She looked at me in disbelief.

    “Fine,” I sighed, and emptied what was on her list.

    Once everything I needed was packed, it was so much more lighter, and I didn’t even feel it on my back as we walked down the stairs.

    “Guys ready?” Chase asked.

    I nodded, as he gave me a quick kiss, and we walked out the door.

    “You guys ready?” Billy asked this time.

    “Yupp,” We both chirped at the same time.

    “Okay, ready on the go,” Billy spoke into the comms unit to Chase.

    He must have answered, because Billy immediately yelled,

    “Out on the now!”

    Cay and I ran out of the van, and into the place we call our old school. Walker’s academy loomed in front of our eyes, as we ran towards it. We got in through the door, right as it clicked, and I spoke, “We’re clear,” Into the comms unit.

    We made our way through the school, noticing a guard just coming up in our peripheral. We quickly slammed back into the corner, and watched, without breathing as he passed the front door, without a glance in our direction. Once he was gone, Cay and I sighed in relief.

    We continued down the hall, until we reached, the very place we needed to be. Walker’s office. I tried the knob, but it was locked.


    “What do we do now?” I whispered to Cay.

    She reached behind her head and took out a bobby pin. She slipped it into the lock, and wiggled it around until we heard a click.

    We were in.

    “Wait I forgot the file!” I yelled quietly to Cay.

    She waved me away to the hall, and I ran to the Walker portrait, and took a breath before opening the painting like a door. A small safe greeted me behind it.

    It was now fingerprint coded. But I was prepared. I slipped the backpack off my back, and opened the front zipper. A small film was covering another film. I took off the first one, and put the second film onto the code. It buzzed and the blinker glowed green before swinging open in front of me.

    It was empty. I already knew that. I zipped open the back pocket, and took out the file, and slid it right back into place. I didn’t bother with erasing my fingerprints. It’s not like I’m doing this secretly.

    I followed Cay into Walker’s office, and saw her kneeling in front of the file cabinet.

    “Ugh! It’s not in here!” She sighed in frustration.

    “Well where else could it be?” I answered, just as frustrated .

    “I don’t know don’t ask me!” She yelled out now, and right then, a guard was passing by. And of course he heard her.

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