Chapter 1

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¦Chapter 1¦

¦Chapter 1¦

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"Please, Nemi!" You begged yet again, giving him the best puppy dog look you could muster. "I'm really begging here!"

"I can see that," Sanemi scoffed, "but my answer is still no."

"But why?" you asked, your expression crestfallen as you stared at the white haired man in front of you. "It's not like what I'm asking is that hard of a request."

"Why do you even need cooking lessons? Your skills are decent." Sanemi raised a brow. When you refused to give an answer, he simply turned away from you and started walking away. "Come on idiot, classes are starting soon."

"But it's not good enough," you mumbled with a frown, your hand on your chin. "If I make him food with how I am now, I'm sure I'll fail."

"'Him'?" Sanemi echoed, stopping to turn back to you, having what attention he didn't you give you earlier now on you. "What's this even about?"

"Promise not to laugh?" your face flushed, having accidentally let those words slip from your mouth.

"I won't, now tell me."

"There's this guy I really like," you confessed, your head down to avoid looking at him and your ears burning extremely bright as you played played with your index fingers. "And when I confess, I want everything to go well."

"Just buy some cookies or whatever you're handing out." He said, an annoyed look on his face that you bothered him in the morning for this.

"I want to give my all in this," you argued. "So if I fail, I won't blame myself for messing something up."

You then raised your head, a determined look on your face as you asked again, "So please, can you help me?"

He maintained eye contact with you as you did with him, determination practically oozing off of you. Before long he sighed and ruffled your hair.

"Then let's head to my place after school."

"Wait, you're really agreeing?" You gasped. You never expected it to be this was you since you planned on persuading him to help you even if it took all day.

"You already made up your mind and I'd be a shitty friend if I didn't help you out." He turned his back on you and started walking farther from you. "Now come on, let's try not to be late."

You stood there for a moment as you registered what happened before your face broke out into a grin, running to catch up to him. "Sure!"


"Thanks for agreeing to help me again," you thanked for what probably is the 10th time throughout the day until reaching his house. "I just still can't believe it."

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