Back at the party,

“Where’s Louis?” asked Elly waiting at the entrance door

“Hey? Jack? Do you know where Louis is? I feel something crazy around here?” Liam whispered then Jack pulled Liam at the back door

“Actually I saw Louis left the party when (y/n) looked for C.R... I think he was after to (y/n)? And maybe they go somewhere... or He's with (y/n)?” Jack said whispering also

“Are you sure? He’s with (y/n)?” Liam said

“I think so... ‘Coz when (y/n) went to the C.R. Louis was after him... Maybe Louis was with (y/n) today... but I don’t know where they are today?” Jack said still whispering

“Is it Ok to you that maybe Louis was with (y/n)?” asked Liam whispering

“Yeah! Of course?! He’s the original not me...” he said

“What you mean?” Liam said

“They’re meant to be... not me, nor Elly... They're destined to each other” he smiled

“You’re silly?” Liam said

“Actually I’m in favour... for (y/n) and Louis...” he smiled.

Back at the elevator,

You both fell asleep for a minute and Louis woke up and saw you leaning on his shoulder... He gently put your head on his lap and took off his coat and covered you and slept back. After an hour and it’s getting late already you’re still stuck at the elevator, you check your phone

“There are no signal?” you said and you woke up Louis “Lou, wake up?!”

he gently open his eyes and said “Oh... Hi Love?” and smiled

“I think they’re already looking for us?” you said

“relax... the boys know what to do...” he said and closed back his eyes

“What? How ‘bout Elly?” you asked

“Neh? I don’t know... Maybe I’ll cancel the wedding... or ran away Groom?” he said

“Are you joking? You’ll hurt her? Stupid!” you said and Louis just laughed and smiled at you

“The important here is I’m with you... You’re with me? This is perfect...” and he lied on the floor and pulled you

“Wah?” you said and hugged you and he put your head in his chest and grabbed his coat and cover you...

“How about you? It’ll be colder later...” you said

“I’m good... Long sleeves... plus I’m with you and going to sleep together... I feel comfortable” he said and you smiled

“you change a lot? Huh? You’re not the Louis anymore who’s childish and...” you said and he kissed you at your forehead

“and what?” he said

“Nothing... let’s go to sleep” as you transfer to his shoulder and slept together all night long.

Next morning...

The both of you heard some scratches, breaking of walls and something hitting the door of the elevator then as you open your eyes,

“Louis?!” you wake up him

“Sir? Ma’am? We’re here to rescue you... You’re friend called us that’s why we rapidly break the walls and open the Elevators door” said the rescuer

“Oh... Good morning Lads!” said Louis as he rubbing his face and smiled at them

“Can we go out now?” asked the rescuer and you go with him followed by Louis. 

Outside of the building,

“Jack?” you saw him while the rescuer was leading you outside of the building and ran to him and hugged him...

Then followed by Louis and saw you hugging Jack and Jack saw Louis and said

“Louis?” he smiled

“Oh... Hey Jack?” said Louis and you turn around and saw him looking at you

“(y/n)?” Liam calling you

“Liam?” you said

“How are you?” asked Zayn

“Hope you’re ok... no injuries or what...” said Harry

“and Jack called us here...” said Niall and then a car stop in front of you and almost hit you

“Woahw... Be careful? You’re about to hit her?” said Liam madly

“Elly?” said Niall and she step out of her car and took off her shades and looked at you

“This is all your fault!” as she scolded you then Louis notice it and

“Wait a minute Jack... I think we have a problem... Let’s go check it...” said Louis then together went to you

“You’re the reason why’s Louis wasn’t there at the party! It’s all because of you that night! All of our visitors where mad at me and disappointed?! You’re so-..” she’s mad at you and slapped you in your face

“Elyzabeth!” Louis shouted at her “Stop it!” as he stand beside you and Jack was at your back “It’s my fault! Not hers!” Louis said

“Oh... rescuing your best friend again here?! Don’t blame yourself?! Babe?!” said Elly and wants to attack you

“Could you please stop it! You're hurting her already?!” said Louis and accidentally pushed Elly

“How could you do this to me?!” said Elly

"Have respect Elly?! I'm here! I'm his best friend! think about it!" as he grabbed Elly’s hand and ride on her car and drove away

“Are you ok?” asked Jack

“Yeah, I’m just fine... what's wrong with her?” you said

“Maybe I’ll drive you home” said Liam

“Ok then... and Let’s all talk about what happen last night” said Harry

“Niall and Zayn you’re coming with me...” Harry said

“Ok... Jack and (y/n)... are with me...” said Liam.

As you all went home...


"Wonder Wall" (The Person you thinking about) ~ Louis Tomlinson ImagineRead this story for FREE!