After Louis press the ground floor button you leaned on the wall and asked,

“Where are you taking me?”

but Louis did not answer you back then the Elevator shake in a minute and continue,

“Louis Tomlinson? Where are you taking me? Maybe Jack's looking for me?!” you said madly

“Why you didn’t tell me?!” he said

“Wait? What?” you said

“Why you didn’t tell me that you have a plan to answer Jack while his courting you?!” he said turned around

“Wait a minute? Its none of your business?!” you said

“I care (y/n)?! I’m your Best Friend!” he said

“WOW! Best Friend? Back then when you and Elly got into relationship? Did you ever ask me or what should be my reaction?! Then now you’re telling me that why I didn’t tell you when I and Jack are on?! Best Friend? You’re making your own decision without me? That’s why I should have the rights also to do my own decision without YOU!” as you’re pointing at Louis then he just looked at you then approached you.

He get nearer to you and he start to lean you on the wall,

“W-Wait? What are you doing? Louis? Stop it or, or Back off?!” you said panicking

“(y/n)?” he said and when the Elevator stops, together you looked up and the elevator gone to fall

“Aaaahhh?!!!” the both of you scream while falling and when the elevator stops on falling and got stuck, the lights turn off the both of you are moaning in pain and fell in to the ground

“Argh?!” he said

“Ouch?!” you said.

It was very dark, when the lights are back as you open your eyes you saw Louis. Louis was at the bottom while you’re on his top lying on the floor, it happens when the elevator fell and you to fell on the ground together and you rapidly stood up,

“N-Now it’s your fault?! That we’re S-Stuck!” you said as you clean up yourself

“Ouch... My back?! You’re heavy?!” he said

“Shut up!” you said

“Hey? Thanks to me I hold you tightly so that you’ll never bump into something, somewhere or what?! Ouch...” as he sit and lean on the wall holding his back

“Hmmm! OK!? Then Thanks!” you said madly and the 2 of you remains silence. 

After a minute,

“HELP! HELP US!” you’re yelling

“Hey?! I think my ears are going to bleed? Stop screaming for help, they won’t hear us?” Louis said covering his ears and checking his phone. 

Back at the party,

“Did you saw Louis?” asked Elly

“Huh? Oh yeah? by the way where’s Louis?” said Harry

“Nope we didn’t see him...” said Zayn

“(y/n) was also missing?” said Niall

“Aahh... She went outside to look for a C.R.” said Jack

“Oh... Ok then...” said Niall

“But still I don’t see any signs of Louis?” said Liam finding him.

Back on the elevator, few minutes pass...

Louis was just looking at you,

“Stop looking at me... You’re scaring me?!” you said

“OK...” he said and laughs

“What’s funny huh?” you said

“No... Nothing... I just miss those” he smiled

“Miss what?” you asked

“I just missed you...” he said

“Ah... Oh... Ok...” you said and Louis transferred in to your side

“Why is it you always left me?” he asked

“Huh? I did not leave you... But I have to leave for something that’s all?!” you said

“So why you didn’t come back for me?” he asked

“Huh?..” you said

“You always left me... When I got problems and I need you... you’re not there... I send message to you but you didn’t answer back... *sighs* but lucky to have my mates? They’re my saviours during those days when you’re not around...” laughs

“Louis?” you said

“It’s ok... Everything happens, it were already passed, I understand everything about you... then Elly came when I was at the bar alone, when mom and dad got separated during my audition on X factor... Oh not... boothcamp... *smiled* there she comforted me... give me the courage and become my strength...” he said and you were just looking at him and shocked

“Why you didn’t explain everything to me? When I got home...” you said

“I just don’t want my girl make her depressed because of my problems... All I want to see her enjoying the day while relaxing after entering school... I know it’s hard when you’re far away from your love ones... Every time I met new people and faces, everything changed... and then you came home everything got back to normal...” he said embracing his legs. 

“I missed everything about you... and I didn’t even told you what’s important before you left... because it was graduation day and at the same time your take off” he said

“Huh?” you said

“Back in the prom with Elly... After telling me the truth that she’s cheating on me I talked to her, while talking to her all I ever think of was you?... you always pop out on my mind... every day and every night... But then you started not to come to school... I always wait for you, when we used to be met after our class... That’s why I went to your house to see you... but when nervous comes because maybe you’ll gonna reject me *smiled* that’s why I keep my mouth shut until we came up with ‘Boo Bear’, because Boo means ‘My Love’, ‘My Baby’ or Beautiful in French... but in reality my mother usually call me that when I was little... and it sounds cute...” he smiled and looked at You eye to eye and you feel the spark inside you

“Louis? Are you trying to tell me that?” you said

“I Love you (y/n)? Since we were on Highs school before you leave... and now you found Jack... and I'm too late” he said

“I was also going to tell you that? When I got home... but you’re with Elly... and told me you are on relationship?!”

*Flashback – you and Louis were talking on the phone “I’m going to tell you something Important Lou, when I reached home”*

Louis was shocked “You have also feelings for me? Since when?”

“At first it was a crush, but then you always comes on my mind? My Heart don’t stop beating... Everytime I will see you my heart beats faster, so it started during our High school days.?” You said

“What?!” he said happily “You’re in love with me?!”

“Why?” you asked and Louis get serious and holds you

“I Love you (y/n)! Do you also Love me?” he said

“Ah? Yes?!” you said and he hugged you

“Now I’m happy and feel free...” he whispered

“But how’s your wedding to Elly?” you asked and he let go of you and holds your face and get near to him and kissed you on your lips and you kissed him back

“I Love you Lou...” you said

“I Love you too!” he said.


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