After 2 months, you’re invited to Elly and Louis party, and also the boys are invited too.

“(y/n)... Jack’s waiting for you outside?” your dad’s calling you

“I’m coming down dad...” you said after getting dressed

“Look how pretty is my daughter?” said your dad

“Aww... Thanks that...” you said

“Take care (y/n)? Jack take care of my princess! Got it?” said your mom

“Yes... Mrs. (y/last name)... Good bye” said Jack, the both of you ride on a taxi and went on the said party

“*sighs* (y/n)?” said Jack

“hmm...” you said

“You’re beautiful today?” he said

“Ha? Thanks...” you said

“But you’re always beautiful in my eyes... no matter how or what you wear?” he said

“LOL! Jack...” you said and he holds your hand and looked at you and smiled

“I know it’s kind a cheap but weird, I’m asking you this? ‘Can you be my girlfriend?’ ‘coz it’s been months I’m courting you but no answers... so?” he asked

“Jack?” you said

“Neh? I’m joking!” he said and let go of your hand and you kissed him on his cheek and he was surprised “What was that for?” he said

“You’re blushing!” you laughed

“What?! NO!” he said

“Well YES??” you said

“Tss...” he said while holding his cheek and realized “WHAT!!!! FOR SURE!!!” he shouted

“Ahuh?” you said

“WOAHW! YES!!” he shouted and the taxi stop and the driver looked at him

“Oh... Sorry sir...” he said

“We’re here now sir...” said the taxi driver

“Huh? Oh! Here’s our payment... Thanks! And pardon me...” as he went out of the taxi and after you. 

“Woahw! Where the party will be held?” you said while looking at the top of the building

“Liam said that on the last floor of the building... W-What?! 12th floors?! Are they kidding me?” he react

“come on now?” you said and hold his hand and went inside of the building and ride on an elevator

“why is it the elevator is not closing?” he asked while pushing harder the close button and it closed “there!” he said

“So... Are you ready for this?” he asked you

“Oh yeah... Why?” you said

“Well... Even though we’re on already... I can’t take this off to me but to tell you frankly if you still have feelings for Louis, go tell him before he’ll be on the altar waiting for Elly and get marry.” He said and smiled

“What?” you said

“I know (y/n)... You’re trying to move on and forget your feelings for him that’s why you answered me a ‘YES’... But don’t worry we’re still on and support you in everything just to make my love happy no matter what it is...” he said and hugged you and when the door of the elevator opens

“HEY?” said Niall

“Oh! Hi!” Jack said and hold your hand

“Can I asked something?” Niall said

“No need... It’s obvious” you said and showing to Niall you and Jack were holding hands

“My gosh! Congrats! Let me tell this to Harry?” said Niall “Harry?!” Harry turned around with Liam and Zayn, “(y/n)’s here? With Jack? And they’re on!”

“What! WOW! Congrats my lady!” Harry said and hugged you

“Ehem?” said Jack

“Oh? Hi bro! He he he...” he said

“Congratulation to you two?” said Liam and Zayn gave you a glass of wine and Jack too "Maybe we should have a double celebration for this day". 

“Look they’re here...” said Zayn and everyone turned around saw Elly and Louis together on the entrance and clapped their hands. You also clapped with the boys then Elly and Louis starts to walked and stop on your table

“Oh... I’m so glad that you came all here complete?!” said Elly and she smiled

“Yeah! Congratulations once again?” said Harry

“And yeah... I think it’s a double celebration for today? Because (y/n) and Jack are on relationship” said Niall

“OH! Congratulations!” said Elly and hugged the both of you and you saw Louis looking at you sadly

“Thanks?! Elly... And same to you...” you said

“Ok I think I should go there to meet my friends over there! Louis stay with your friends I’ll be back for you...” she said, kissed Louis and left

“Ok babe...” Louis whispered and you feel awkward when he seated beside you and Jack was looking at you and bumped you

“Huh? OH! Louis!” you said and he looked at you again and smiled

“Congrats? Jack!” he said

“Thanks bro...” Jack said and looked at you “It’s been a while that you and (y/n)? Didn’t see each other? Right?”

“Oh yeah? I’ve never seen her this past 2 months... Where did you go?” Louis trying to get your attention

“Huh? Ahmm... N-no... I just stayed in my house and do the same routine everyday..” you said and bowed down

“So Lou? When will be the wedding of yours?” asked Liam

“It will be on Saturday already...” he said

“It seems you’re not excited? Come on!” said Harry tapping him

“Ha ha ha... I was just thinking that I’ll be missing my single days...” he said

“LOL! You are still the Louis that we’ve met... It’s just your status that change but being immature is still there in you...” said Niall

“Ha ha?! But being a husband is a heavy tasked for an immature like me... that’s why I need to adjust myself and be mature in everything...” he said seriously. 

And when Elly was back, “Babe? I think we should have a little speech in front?” she said

“Ok babe... see you guys and (y/n)? Congrats again...” as he stood up and left.

After their speech you went outside to look for a C.R.,

“Jack... I just need to go to the C.R. be right back...” you whispered

“OK...” he said and when you left, Louis saw you left the party and he followed you outside, and Jack saw Louis was following you and he did was smiled

“I knew it will happen...” he said to himself.

After using the C.R. you went out while Louis was waiting for you to come out and grabbed your hand and went to an elevator,

“Wait?? What?? Lou? Let go of me?” you said and when the two of you enter the elevator

“Sir?! Sir?!” the Janitor’s trying to stop Louis but he’s to late “Sir?! But the elevator was broken? Oh well... just wait for the both of you trapped” said the Janitor and whistled.

And when Jack went outside to look for you and Louis “I hope they’ll be fine...” he smiled and went back inside the party.


"Wonder Wall" (The Person you thinking about) ~ Louis Tomlinson ImagineRead this story for FREE!