The boys force Ashton into telling his feelings towards you.

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It was a typical day for you. Just hanging around the best four boys ever. Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford, Calum hood and lastly ... Ashton Irwin. You absolutely loved these boys. Right now there were goofing off with each other, as usual. Luke looked over at me and back at Ash and smiled.
Me: Luke what are you up to ?
Luke: Nothing Chloe ;)
Me: ugh ... This isn't going to be good!!
Luke grabs me and starts dancing with me. He giggles and I just roll my eyes at him.
Me: what's so funny ?
Luke: you'll find out eventually Chloe!!
Me: I'm going to play COD!!
Ash: oooo can I come
Luke: I wanna play ;)
Mikey: ME ME ME ME
Calum: let's all go to the gaaaaammme room!!
We all raced to the game room. Of course I was the last person that made it there due to my little legs. When I got there I noticed the boys didn't leave me a spot.
Luke: come here
He motioned for me to come over and sit on his lap and I did. I looked over at Ash to see his fists clenched and his face was turning a dark scarlet color. I look at Luke to see him smirking. Luke pushed me off of him and over toward Ash, causing me to fall straight into his lap. His face immediately changes from anger to embarrassment. He didn't move his hands that were laying by his side.
Luke: for fucks sake you two just need to admit your gosh damn feelings to each other.
Calum: I mean it's pretty damn obvious that you two are madly In love with one another.
I feel the heat rising as I try to leave the room. The three other boys beat me though. They ran out of the door and locked us in. Curse this damn house for having locks on the outside of the doors.
Michael: we aren't going to let you two out until you admit you like each other.
I turn around to look for Ashton. Only to see he is less than an inch away from my face. My breathing hitched as I looked into is wonderful eyes. His left hand made its way to my cheek as his other one laid against my waist. He giggled and moved a piece of my hair away from my face and took a deep breath. His face started to turn red as he was standing there staring at me.
Ash: why are you so beautiful Chloe?
Me: I uh what?
Ash: every time I look at you my heart starts to beat faster. I uh God how do I say this ? Uh Chloe I .... I love you okay.. You're eyes are the perfect shade of green and your hair is so soft. You're perfect from head to toe. The way you bite your lip when your nervous like you are now is absolutely adorable. The way Luke was acting with you earlier was pissing me off. You are mine dammit. I love you, he doesn't ... I just want to be able to call you my baby girl in real life and not just my dreams.
Oh my god--- what if you don't like me back-- I just ruined every-
Me: ASHTON!! Just kiss me already
He grins and looks at my lips.
Ash: well your lips do look soft right now. But who says I wanted to kiss you yet?
Me: well considering that you're biting your lip and looking at mine it just--
Ash: fuck it...
He grabs my face in his hands and smashes his lips against mine causing me to gasp. That was totally unexpected. I started to kiss him back as he pushed me back against the door. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he smiled into the kiss causing me to copy his action. Our lips were moving in perfect sync. It was as if we were made for each other. After a minute or so Ash pulled away leaving the both of us breathless.
Ash: fuck, I should have done that a lot sooner!!
Me: yeah .. I agree
Ash: so what do you say gorgeous, wanna be my baby girl?
Me: absolutely
We heard cheers from outside of the door. I giggled and looked up at Ash to see him smiling.
Ash: you're so beautiful
He leans in and kisses me one more time before picking me up and taking me over to the couch to cuddle. That night I fell asleep in my boyfriends arms. That day couldn't have been more perfect.

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