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Chapter 6

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Sean's hand twitched. A strange sensation shot through it. A groan rose from his throat as he shifted, and felt it again—a vibration...almost like something...buzzing? Rays of sunlight filtering past the treetops assaulted his eyes as he blinked, pulling himself up into a seated position. His phone was buzzing on a bed of leaves, grass, and dirt beside him.

"Oh shit." He coughed and cleared his dry throat as the realization hit him. "No, no, no, no." The list of missed calls and text messages only fueled his panic. He was in so much trouble. He pressed his free hand against his forehead beneath his bangs. It wasn't that his parents didn't allow him out, but the agreement was that he was home by 2 am... and it was well past that.

Like... alarmingly well past that.

Swallowing the massive lump lodged in his throat, he did the only thing he could think to do as his gaze drifted over the other boy's sleeping form. He texted his cousin.

Sean honestly expected to not find the guy as attractive, now that there weren't heavy shadows and excitement to blanket any imperfections, but Nate...that was his name, wasn't it? Nate was way more handsome than anyone else Sean had ever met in person. His phone startled him out of his ogling.

Annalise was FaceTiming him.

What fear and anxiety might have been lessened by the awe he was experiencing over Nate, was promptly tripled again as he answered.

"Sean? What the fu-?!"

"I'm sorry!" he sputtered, standing up.

"Are you okay!? Oh my gods, where are you?" Annalise was near hysterics. "Reg and I couldn't find you, and a few people said they saw you with some guy, and no one knew who he was, and then you weren't at home, and everyone is out looking for you!" Anna had hardly breathed in between her ranting. "Dad hasn't even left yet. He was supposed to be gone four hours ago, Sean!"

"I'm so sorry," he whimpered.

"Have you talked to your parents?!"

"No, not yet," Sean mumbled quickly, trying to get a bearing on where he was. They'd apparently walked pretty far before they'd...


"I'm coming home right now. Tell my mom and dad, please?"

Annalise rubbed her face. She looked exhausted...and it was his fault...and Sean hated it. "But you're okay?" she questioned again and received a nod.

"Yeah," Sean swallowed.

"Just get home quick," Annalise sounded a little calmer—more angry than scared now.

Sean knew she wasn't the only one. His parents were probably sick with worry, and as soon as they realized he was safe, they'd be furious. Part of him was disgusted by the sense of excitement he still felt over what had happened last night, though. He was honestly probably lucky that Nate didn't kill him or something...or wasn't a psycho. He didn't want to think of what could have happened had he not been interested in Nate's advances.

"I'll see you soon," he promised before he hung up the call.

Nate's eyes had opened by now, but he'd not moved. Instead, he waited, quietly grinning to himself as he listened to the trouble he no doubt had a hand in. When Sean had quieted, he sat up and yawned dramatically for effect, startling the teen.

"Ah, damn...I feel like I slept on rocks," he frowned rubbing his back. That was how humans reacted to sleeping outside, right? He got to his feet, feigning stiffness and mild discomfort.

"Well, thanks, it was fun." He nodded at Sean before heading back towards his grandparent's house. If he was lucky, he'd meet up with Kaid on the way so he didn't have to walk.

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