1: Dreams Do Come True

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As you were driving on your way home from work, you were thinking about Sammy, you're boyfriend of six years. As you opened the door, you heard moaning. You automatically thought Sammy was having sex with another girl. You quietly walked to you and Sammy's shared bedroom. As you walked in Sammy was laying on his back, eyes shut tighlty, with his mouth open wide. You thought to yourself, is Sammy having a wet dream? Is he thinking about me? Should I do something? You quickly got wet at the sight of Sammy moaning. He suddenly screamed, "Oh, Y/N, faster. Ride me babe!" You decided to get undressed and make Sammy's dreams come true. You climbed on top of him and straddled his waist. You removed his hands from his thin pajama pants. You saw that he had a boner from the wet dream. You started pumping his dick. He quickly woke up and tried to move away. You pulled him back down saying, "Shh, babe, just relax. I'm going to make your dreams come true!" He quickly attaches his lips to yours. You take off his pants and then his boxers. His hard-on sprung free and you could see the redness on Sammy's face growing. You slowly pushed yourself down on his thick, 8 & a half inch dick. Although you and Sammy had sex a lot, you never quite got used to his massive size. "Oh, Y/N, you're so tight!", he moaned. You quickly started moving up and down on his length. Your orgasm nearing, Sammy shot his warm liquids into you. You screamed Sammy's name before releasing on his dick. You both rode out your highs. "Best sex ever!", you said trying to catch you're breath. "Thank you for making my dreams into a reality", Sammy said softly in your ear. "Maybe you should have wet dreams more often!", you laughed, before you both drifted off to sleep in each others arms.

Hope you liked it. This was my first one so sorry if it's bad.