The Rose Pendant (5)

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Jay picked Owen up by the collar of his shirt and sent him flying across the room. Then leftover pizza, popcorn, and soda bottles went everywhere as Jay flung the living room table out of the away. He advanced towards Noah looking nothing like the boy who I snuggled with during the movie. When he took another step towards Noah everyone backed out of the living room except me.

“Hey dude!” Noah said, “I didn’t insult Libby leave me alone!”

“Someone get him a cup of blood to chill him out!” Strom yelled.

“No!” I said as I took a step towards him. Jay’s eyes were bright red which complimented the horrible glare on his face. His fists were clenched incredibly tight.

“Wait no Holly get back!” said Noah, but he didn’t move, too afraid to get any closer to Jay.

“Hold on I can do this.” I told them. What was I doing again?

“And what the hell is that? Trying to get yourself killed?” asked Storm, but I ignored him. I was taking tiny steps towards Jay. Our eyes were locked and I could feel the anger radiating off of him.

“Jay?” I whispered as I took another step closer. His glaring could have melted me and his hand twitched at his side. “Jay it's Holly remember?” We were now standing face to face, so very slowly I reached out and touched his hand. “Jay you don’t need that blood, right?” he didn’t answer me but I could tell that the red was leaving his eyes. “Come on Jay you can do this. You’re strong and I know you don’t need that blood to clam down.”

When he squeezed my hand I knew that it was working. I continued to talk to Jay until all of the red had left his eyes and his shoulders relaxed. When they finally did, I wrapped my arms around him. Jay leaned his head on mine and breathed deeply in and out.

“Thanks Holly.” He whispered in my ear. It sent shivers down my spine. 

“No problem Jay.”

“Whoa that was amazing Holly, we thought you were a goner for sure.” Storm said. Did he just complement me? I think he realized he did too because a second later, “Not that I would’ve minded.” All the guys gave him dirty look and then turned their attention back to me.

“Sweet Holly that was so cool!”

“That was awesome! No one has ever been able to do that before, and I mean no one! Not even like the vampire doctors.”

“Yeah that was totally weird. Normally when I get upset I can’t hear anyone. I can see mouths moving but no sound comes out, but I could hear Holly load and clear. Hearing someone’s voice when I was enraged was like an antidote. Maybe I’m going to have to keep you around!” Jay said jokingly as he ruffled my hair.

"My dad had a pretty bad temper." I said quietly. "When he would scream, my mom had this soothing way of calming him. I guess I just did what I always saw her do."

Everyone was quiet for a moment. Then Jay spoke, "If you don't mind me asking, what happened?"

I sighed. Maybe I shouldn't have brought them up. "Car accident." It was the best lie I could think of. 

"I'm really sorry Holly." Jay said putting a hand on my shoulder. 

"It's okay." I said holding back some tears. "I loved my parents, but they weren't around much. Always off working. It's just the whole situation doesn't seem real to me yet."

“You know the best way to cheer yourself up? Pancakes. I want some ihop!” Noah said.

I let out a small smile. "Sounds great but I think I'm just going to go to bed."

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