(3) I Want It All

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The song for this chapter is I Want It All by Queen!

Also, I made the newspaper cover that you'll see in the chapter. Let me know what you think!


"Y/N, could you please get the door?"

Laurie's voice asked from the kitchen. You walked towards the door while putting a shirt on

The music playing on the radio nearby, and the sizzling of the stove served as the ambiance for the day, well, at least for the morning

In the case of your family, even though Laurie is not much older than you, she acted like the adult one...most of the time

Or at least, she was the one with the better sleep schedule, so breakfast was her chore

"I got it, I got it"

You walked past the kitchen, where your sister was adding the finishing touches to the food, and opened the door

On the other side were George and Gwen Stacy. George was holding a tupperware while his daughter had a couple of orange juice boxes

You exchanged smiles once you spotted each other and you stepped aside

"Mr. Stacy, Gwen! Come in"

"Good to see you, Y/N, although you can just call me George at this point" Mr. S-I mean, George, said while getting into the apartment

You rubbed the back of your head and laughed nervously

"Right. Sorry, force of habit"

The man laughed it off and patted your back before he kept walking

Gwen put the orange juice boxes on the table nearby, then, she turned around and dabbed you up


"Mr. Stacy! Good to see you. I'll be with you in just a minute" Laurie peeked from behind the counter

"You can just... nevermind"

The man sighed before he walked to the kitchen

"We brought a few things. Want some help cooking?"

This was not a rare occurrence. Sometimes, Gwen and her dad would come over for breakfast, then George would drop Gwen and you at school on his way to work

They started doing this ever since George found out that the two of you live alone. It wasn't a big deal, but having more people felt like having a normal family for a change

There was even this one time when the Parkers, Stacys, and your family got together for a barbeque. Yeah, you were close like that

And speaking of which

You looked at your blonde friend, who pretty much collapsed into the couch. You couldn't help but laugh at this

"Was your night that bad?"

Gwen nodded as she leaned back on it

"Totally, Em Jay made us practice our butts off for today"

You sat on another couch next to that one just to get a better look at her

"Well, all for a good first impression, right?"

"Yeah, but she has a bigger impression on my sleep schedule"

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