"im not a little you are!"

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AU where everyone has a soulmate and they have classifications like:

Littles and Caregivers

Owners and Pets

Subs and Doms

And ect...

No one POV:

Deku and Bakugou got paired as soulmates but all they got in the classification letter was saying that they are a Little and Caregiver relationship but it didn't say who was who so Deku and Bakugou are discussing it in the dorm they both share rn

Bakugou POV:

Its obvious who the little is gonna be. I mean Deku may have gotten taller but he's still weak, no offense I mean I'm just stronger and more "dominant" and he's more the softy type

"S-so um..." Deku started saying blushing all over

"So?" I say with an annoyed face

"Well um a-about the whole l-little and d-daddy thing..." he said, his face getting redder

"Yeah it's obvious you're gonna end up being the little" I say he looks at me a little taken back

"How do you know?" He asks offended

"You're more a softy and I act more like a daddy then you" I say crossing my arms

"Really? Cause I think you're gonna be the little" he says with confidence

"That makes no sense!" I yell with a scowl

"Inside voices, and it makes perfect sense just you see" he says with a smirk, I glare at him

"I'm not being a baby." I say and stand up from the couch with my arms still crossed and a glare

"We'll see about that" Deku said standing up too and towering over me him being 6'1 and me being 5'2 (dont fight me on the heights I like a short bakugou and tall deku)

"How about you be my little this week and I'll show you how" I say with a smirk he looks down at me with a smirk too

"Fine by me." He says bending down to my level and kissing my cheek

Day #1

Today is the first day we try this I did research all last night

"Dekuuu~" I say while I sit on his stomach and start bouncing (not in a inappropriate way) he groans and slowly opens his eyes and puts his hand on my hips

"Kacchan?" He asks tired his voice sounding deeper

"Remember our deal?" I ask he takes a moment

"Oh right" he sighs and sits up

"But don't only babys bounce on their daddy's stomachs?" He says smirking I immediately jump off him

"Doesn't mean anything" I huff then grab his hand and lead him too the kitchen

"Glad our dorm already came with little supplies" I say and drag him to the table

"Uh I um can't exactly pick you up..which doesn't mean anything! But can you sit in the high chair for me" i say he rolls his eyes playfully but listens

"Ok so I made pancakes but~ I cant cook well so I kinda burned them hehe but anyways I made oatmeal instead!" I say kinda nervous cause I dont seem like a daddy right now

"Oh?" Deku says smirking I huff and give him the bowl along with a bottle of milk

After breakfast

"Okay now I read that littles play with toys and watch children shows" I say and grab his hand and pull him to the living room where I had a baby play mat thing on the floor with toys

Deku POV:

Kacchan is so confident he's a daddy so I'll let him pretend for a while and then he'll be my little boy, I have a plan for this week so he thinks that he's babying me but I'll really be doing it too him

He leads me to the living room I see the mat and toys

"You go play now" he says about to go to the couch

"Wait! Aren't you gonna play with me?" I ask innocently he looks like hes  hesitating so I'll just give him a little push

"I mean daddy's always play with their babys?" I say raising a eyebrow, he smiles

"Yes I will" he says and I sit on the mat and he sits next to me, I can see him eyeing at the cars

"Wanna play cars?" I ask picking a car up

"Yes!..I mean sure" he says and also picks one up

"It will be easier for us to play if you lay on your tummy" I say he listens and we both "play" when really its just him

After a little while they decided on watching TV

"What show?" Kacchan asks me I pretend to think, we are sitting on the couch very close together

"Why not my little pony?" I say knowing that was his favorite as a kid, his eyes go big with sparkles

"I guess we can watch it" he says  hiding his excitement. He plays the show the whole time I'm watching him instead as he watches with the cutest reactions! I slowly pull him on my lap without him noticing

After the episode

"Hey why am I on YOUR lap" he asks me pouting I shrug hiding my smirk

"Whatever its bed for you anyways let's go!" He says dragging me to the nursery that came with our dorm

"Hmmm none of the clothes for you" he says pouting

"Its fine ig you can wear your normal pjs" he says I allow him to change me he cant get me on the changing mat so he played a mat on the floor he embarrassed about changing me the whole time, I was fine

"Ok bedtime!" He says and looks at the crib

"I think we'd got to get you a bigger one but for now you get to sleep with me" he says happily

"That's fine I get to sleep with you" I say and kiss his forhead and we walk to the room I lay down and he lays on top of me too tired to even notice he did that

I'm not tired since its only 8:30 but this is his normal bedtime I think chuckling to my self. I look down at him and rub his back

He's so cute why can't he see that he is just daddy's little boy so I can just shower him in love already

Day #2

I wakeup first with bakugou on my lap I sit up and pull him to my chest

"Come on time to get up baby" I say and accidentally slip out the baby part he whines

"Come on you're the daddy after all" I say and that makes him shoot up. We both get ready for the day he "helps me" and we eat

"So what are we doing today?" I ask picking him up and setting him on his feet

"What do you wanna do?" He asks with a smile

Bakugou POV:

Maybe doing something he likes will bring out the little in him!

Deku POV:

"How about coloring?" I ask knowing kacchan loves coloring

"On it!" He says and gets out the coloring books and crayons we go to the living room

"Why dont you do one and I'll do one you know some daddy and baby moment" I say he nods, little does he know who the daddy in the situation is

We both begin coloring

After a little while of coloring

"Wook I'm dwone daddy!" I hear next to me I smirk knowing bakugou fell into little space and by the sound of it hes gonna be a younger little

"Wow good job daddy is so proud" I say and he jumps in my lap and giggles

I won:)

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