A Typical Weekend (Chapter 2)

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Chpater 2


The next day, Saturday, the alarm sounded on my phone as my eyes fluttered open. There’s something about Selena Gomez that gets me pumped for the day.

All of my friends groaned and mumbled a groggy goodbye to me. I hopped in my car, slid into the seat and said hey to my brother Jason, my personal driver at the moment who just got his license.

When we arrived at my dance studio I walked inside as Jason zoomed away. This was a typical Saturday; dance for 6 hours from 8-2.

Dance and I have a love hate relationship, I love it and I wouldn’t spend my time doing anything else. However, I hate how it consumes me 24/7.

As I walk into dance I’m greeted by all of my friends and we prepare for our first class. Class by class every sweat dripping warm up and complicated combination are done with precision and technique, until the day evolves and my battery begins to drain and by class #6, modern, we are basically panting like dogs.

After dance I walk out with my friend Maura. We begin talking about the standby roll in the older girl’s dance. Every one of us would kill for that part even if it means dancing in the back or maybe even not at all.

Maura exclaims “I’m sure you’re going to get it, you’re like the best in the pre company, well besides me of course” she adds with a smile. “Thanks Maura” I laugh and we hug goodbye.

“Practice your right inversion jump for the modern number!” she screams before getting into her car.

My mind immediately races back to jack as we roll away from my little bubble from the outside world, my studio. I don’t want to be the kind of person to lead someone on and then just totally drop them, but jack doesn’t give me an exciting feeling.

 Like I’m flying yet at the same time falling, he isn’t a roller coaster that sends me spinning in circles. He doesn’t make me want to leave and yet I stay. Isn’t the whole point of love to fight for the other person? I just don’t know if jack is worth fighting for.

When we finally got home, after Jason’s long tone-deaf rendition to an overplayed pop song. I walked through the door to find Christian Ashton and Jake sitting on the living room couch.

Having a twin brother is a blessing and a curse. Always having boys around is great but also always having boys around is not so great.

“Hey Taylor” they all waved. I returned their greeting with a smile. I sat down on the couch right in between Christian and Ashton but not before crushing them with my butt the best I could.

I liked hanging out with Ashton’s friends, we always joked around together and in a way there sort of like brothers to me. 

“So, where’s Jack?” I asked trying to sound nonchalant. It didn’t really work that well for me and the only response I got from them was an “OOOOOOOOOO”.

“He had some family shit” Jake said. “I’m surprised he didn’t ditch the second he knew we were going to my house” Ashton said.

Christian gave a smile and a slight laugh regarding Ashton’s comment about Jack’s feelings towards me.

“Christian how’s Aubrey?” I asked him. “I don’t know Taylor you tell me, she’s been acting all weird lately” as Christian pondered what could possibly be threatening his and Aubrey’s relationship I watched him as he talked.

I had never seen Christian in this way, out of all the years I've known him.

The way his defined jawline moved as words were rereleased from his mouth, made me want to trace his sharp jawline with my mouth and leave my mark on every single ...

“TAYLOR” ashton screamed and interrupted my thoughts “What!” I snapped “were going upstairs now” “ok goodnight” I responded.

Christian took one long look at me before following the rest of the boys upstairs.

I began to think about Christian.

I have known him for so long, why was I getting these thoughts all of a sudden? Maybe I can learn to like jack that way I said to myself as I tip toed upstairs.

The next morning I run into Christian on my way to the bathroom. “Morning” he said and walked past me.

I smiled at him because I was at a loss for words. The memories of last night began flooding into my mind and I quickly continued on my walk to the bathroom. 

I reminded myself that I liked jack and gave myself the rest of the day to relax and talk to my friends.

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