back story

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I lie in my bed comfortablely, until  I hear a stumble by my nightstand.
"Mommy?" I call into the darkness. Fear dripping off the words which leave my mouth. Nothing. I hear nothing. Soon, after I grow to believe that it's my imagination, I lay back down covering myself with my blankets like they were to offer some sort of protection. Then, I feel something watching me. I felt scared. Terrified even. I look over, to my right. Nothing. Then, I turn to my left. He stood tall and fair. The looked scary with his pointed nose and dark mask over his face. He looked at me then came at me with full force.
"Stop!" I yell at him. He looks surprised. Then he sits on my bed. "Mommy always says it's not nice to scare people. She said that when you scare people, your the one actually scared," I tell him as I cross my arms.
"I'm not scared of anything," the man says.
"Really? Then why come in MY room and try to scare ME?" I ask the man.
"Because it's what I do, I scare little helpless girls like you," he smirks. I gasp.
"You think I'm helpless?!" I stand to my feet on the bed. "I'm six years old, lost my first tooth yesterday and didn't even cry!" I say in a matter-of-fact tone. "So no Mr. Meanie Pants I'm not the helpless one here."
He laughs at me and stands up.
"What's your name?" I ask.
"Jack. Yours?" He asks me smiling and holding his hand out to shake my own.
"Carson," I giggle and hold my hand out. he shakes it and we both laugh.
"How old are you?" I ask
" nineteen, you?" He giggles
"Oh, I'm only six," I say as I hold up my whole right hand. He giggles and puts one more finger up using my left hand.
"I start school tomorrow," I say happily.
"Really? Then you better get some sleep," the guy says as he climbs out of my window. "Wait!" I call out, " will you come to my tea party tomorrow after dinner?" I ask hoping he'll be able to make it.
"Wouldn't miss it," he smiles and leave without saying another word.
Soon I drift off into a beautiful deep sleep dreaming of the man with the pointy nose.

Hey guys. This is my first book so please tell me your opinion on my writing. I know this chapter is short but the others will be longer.


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