About Myself

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Hi my name is Mariela.

10 of my favorite things;

1. Blue

2. Cheese

3. Meat

4. My Friends

5. My Family

6. McDonald fries

7. My Cellphone

8. My teddy bear

9. Spongebob

10. Tinker bell

A bio of me ;

Well, when you first meet me I will be extremely shy and quiet. But as I warm up to you i will act more myself. And by that I mean I will be "mean" to you. See how I quoted the word "mean" ? It's because I'm only mean, but as joking. I am lovable, funny, short, fun . As my friends say. I am relatively happy most of the times. Most of my friends don't know how I get when I'm on my bad side because I decide to hide it. When you need a shoulder to cry on Call me. You need someone talk to text me. But I can also be on a crazy side as well ;D

TeeHee. I can be a good weird, annoying. But you know that's just

who I am. Take me or Leave me.

Why am I doing this?

I am doing this because I am tired of holding it in and only able to tell my best friend, my cousin,

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