Chapter nine

He was bald with tattoos carved into his head.

The whole right side of his face was burned and his left eye was stitched closed. 

His nose was smashed and broken and his lips had permanent cuts.

There were carvings all over his body.

His arms, his legs, his chest.

He looked about thirty wearing only a pair of boxers.

He smirked," your here."

I stuttered to form a word but all I managed to do was choke on my spit.

He laughed," typical reaction, come on in."

His hand neared mines and I instantly backed away.

All his nails looked chopped off and his thumb and half of his index were gone.

"don't be scared girl, I don't bite, " his smirk widened," that's for later."

He shoved me towards the bed and called out," Anal!"

What kind of name was Anal?

A maid with too exposing of a uniform appeared at the door.

"yes, Eros?"

I almost laughed. Eros? Wasn't that the greek god of love and sexual desires?

"I want you and Ebony to dress her up," He said.

Ebony? Anal? Something told me they were dirty names.

And what did he mean dress me up?

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"oh, you'll see my little first timer," he laughed then turned to Anal.

"you know what to do," and with that he left.

Anal looked me up and down before sighing ," we have got a lot of work to do."

I tried not to get offended.

Who She think she is?


"what do you mean?" I asked.

She smirked," EBONY!" 

Ebony appeared at her side in an instant.

"yes?" she asked.

"tell Pleasure to get the lace ready, we got work to do."

One hour

It's been one hour and I have managed to survive being thrown around like a barbie by these "maids".

All I saw was glitter, feathers and lace in the air.

But finally they are done.

Ebony smirked," I don't even regonice her anymore."

Pleasure smiled," me too."

"me three," Said Anal.

They rolled a life big mirror infront of me causing me to gasp at my reflection.

I looked a stripper!

My legs were covered with see through black leggings with tiny holes all over.

My skirt was simply one layer of pink feathers around covering my private and half of my butt.

My stomach was exposed and my breasts were showing except for the nipple part.

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