Chapter 3

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We have rode our bikes about a mile and we come to an end with our map. This time we're at someone's house. I look at my phone and see we have to go inside the house.

"Well...I can cross breaking and entering off my bucket list." I say sarcastically, jumping over the fence with ease.

"Wait, this was on your bucket list?" Munch ask a bit scared. I laugh at him and open the gate so the boys can walk in.

"Yes, Munch, it was. Just like risking my life to save an alien was on my list." I say, still being sarcastic yet truthful.

"So, how do we get in?" Tuck ask, whilst I make my way to the back door.

"We open the door, genius." I open the door an sneak in followed by the guys. I look at my phone and see we have to go upstairs. As I make my way upstairs I hear the family fighting about something. I ignore them and walk all the way up.

I look at my phone one last time and walk into a bedroom, passing some photos of...Emma. Great! Just fantastic! Emma's room is so pink and girly. It just sends shivers up my spine. We start looking for the piece when her jewelry box starts shaking.

Alex grabs a pillow suggesting we catch like that. I pull out Echo and hold his container waiting for the piece to connect. Like the times before it shoots out and zooms around the room destroying her room. It soon connects and we hear footsteps coming up the stairs.

We try and hide, but it's no use. Emma walks in her room, turns on the light and looks at her room in shock saying, "What the-wait I know you guys. What are you doing in my room?" Munch being his scared self tells her everything and I mean everything.

"Munch really?" I tell him, covering his mouth with my hand.

"Can I join?" I look at Emma shocked at what she said.

"No you can't join us! Go play with your rich friends and enjoy some steak!" Alex storms out of the room with my backpack and Echo. We all chase after him, jumping on our bikes.

After a while Tuck starts teasing Alex saying, "They say the girls you argue with are the girls you like." When I hear that it feels like my heart was shattered into a million pieces, stomped on, and burned.

"WHO CARES IF ALEX LIKES HER! SHE'S JUST SOME SPOILED BRAT!" I scream at them, riding my bike faster than they were. I don't know what came over me. When I heard Tuck say that I felt something bubbling in my stomach and it burned my insides.

Alex's p.o.v.

I was heated about what happened back their. She wasn't part of the mission from the beginning. She can't just pop up and expect us to just let her join.

"They say the girls you argue with are the girls you like." Tuck says teasingly. That's not true. I was about to say something back when Aurora yells at us.

"WHO CARES IF ALEX LIKES HER! SHE'S JUST SOME SPOILED BRAT!" She takes off on her bike. She's a good ten meters from us. I've never seen her act this way before.

"Dude...She's being defensive...girls only act that way when their jealous. She likes you, Alex." Tuck says to me. I look at him and the beautiful girl that is ahead of us. I bike up to her speed and try to think of what to say.

Aurora's p.o.v.

I know Alex has speed up to catch me, but I ignore his presence and keep riding. From the corner of my eye I see him arguing with himself. I crack a small at his little argument.

"Aurora? C-Can I ask you something?" Alex says, unsure if he should ask me the question.

"You just did." I say bluntly. I can tell Alex rolled his eyes at me.

"Just here me out. Do you like me?" I stop in my tracks. I never thought he would be straight forward. I start pedaling forward again, calming down a bit even though I felt nervous and scared yet happy.

"Alex, I've known you for a long time. I have been afraid of messing up our friendship if I ever confessed to you about how I feel. To answer your question, yes, I do like you and not like friend."

We stopped at a convenient store which was close to a bar that we'll have to enter, because Munch had to use the bathroom. Alex was about to say something back when the guy from the construction sight came and recognized us.

We all got scared. We knew we were caught right then and there, but we got lucky. Emma came and started ranting about some stuff, which was lie, and the guy left.

"Told you I wanted to come." She said, grabbing my bag and going towards the bar. I felt jealousy erupt from the pit of my stomach, but I ignored it and followed her to the bar.

We walked in and lady sitting at the bar pulled Munch and Tuck to the side asking if they were someone's kids. I ran behind Emma, whilst Alex was behind me. I tried to grab the brag from Emma's hands, but of course she wouldn't let go.

Next thing I know the piece flies around the bar destroying everything and we are running from the bar.

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