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The next day-.

Midoriya was back at the league's base, it was time for the test.

"Alright you 3.
It's time to see if you're actually loyal." Midoriya began as he removed their chains being cautious of their moves as he had a quirk canceller on to be able to speak.

"What's the test?" Todoroki asked.

"You'll see soon.
Follow me"
Midoriya lead them down to the basement of the base.

Bakugo already knew where this was going.
He sighed as he hid his horns and tail.

Midoriya led them to the dungeon, in the dungeon there were 3 people.
All random nameless people twice had made since they didn't have time to go kidnap people.

However the other 3 didn't know they were duplicates.
They wouldn't know until the end either.

Your missions are the kill these 3 people in front of you.
If you can do that, welcome to the league.

If you can't.

I don't think you wanna find out what happens" Midoriya chuckled.

"How are we going to kill them?
We don't have access to our quirks" Todoroki asked.

Knives or guns, pick 1" Midoriya said.

"I'm taking a knife" Bakugo chuckled.

"I'll take a gun" Shinsou and Todoroki said in unison.

And if you ain the guns at me I won't hesitate to snap your necks, this isn't a warning it's a threat."

Midoriya walked over to the weapon table and handed them their weapons.

"All at the same time, kill the 3"

The 3 nodded their heads.
Shinsou and Todoroki both took aim, Shinsou was shaking.
He had never taken someone's life from them...

Bakugo walked up to his victim and held the knife at their throat.




Action" Midoriya chuckled.

Todoroki and shinsou fired the gun as Bakugo slit his victim's throat.
However,instead of blood gushing everywhere the figures melted.

Shinsou's eyes widened, "they weren't real??"

"Of course not, you think I had time to kidnap 3 hostages just for some test?

Based on the response I got from you 3 I can say that you are loyal to the league.
Now the only problem is that UA can't know" Midoriya said.

"Why not?" Bakugo asked.

"You 3 still have to go there underco-"

"I didn't plan on returning??
Who said I was returning??
Being around those extras is hard, they get so annoying that I worry that my demonic features show.
Going" Bakugo hissed.

Then you'll help around at the league.
But you 2 will be returning, I need you 2 to get some info.
You'll only stay there for a bit, don't worry." Midoriya sighed.

"Alright" Todoroki sighed.

Shinsou just shrugged his shoulders.

"Alright, back up the stairs.
It's time to switch locations"

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