"What the-"

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"I want to...

Join you" a voice said from the bushes.

Midoriya turned around a bit confused, this didn't sound like Shinsou's voice...
Even Dabi was stunned when he saw who it was.

Midoriya looked at the bushes and saw...


Want to join??" Midoriya asked in dismay.

"He isnt the only one" another voice said from behind.
Coming into the light, Shinsou stepped in.

"I mean I knew you were going to join, but what made Todoroki join??" Midoriya asked.

I don't want to be a hero it was something my dad forced on to me" Todoroki replied as he started to light bushes near by on fire.

"I mean...

This is strange, I wasn't expecting this." Midoriya muttered.

"Is this all we had to do to join?" Shinsou asked.

"I mean yeah?
As long as you can prove your loyalty and Todoroki here already did that." Midoriya chuckled.

"How do I prove I'm loyal then?" Shinsou groaned.

"We'll figure that out later.
For now.

Kurogiri, open the warp gate.
Our mission is done here"
Kurogiri's warp gate opened before them.

They all walked in, leaving UA behind.

Shigaraki was confused when he saw both shinsou AND Todoroki walk in.
He never instructed for Todoroki to be kidnapped.

And why weren't they being forced out of their will to walk in?

"What's candy cane hair doing here?" Shigaraki asked.

"He and shinsou wanted to join the league, surprisingly" Midoriya replied.

Sounds too good to be true.
How do we know they aren't lying?" Shigaraki asked.

"A simple test later will suffice.
Todoroki however, already proved his loyalty.
He burned some of the forest with Dabi." Midoriya laughed.


What's your reason to joining the league, I wouldn't have expected the son of endeavor to join" Shigaraki asked.


"Okay that works.
Anyways, we're still going to have to chain you up.
You see.

Katsuki Bakugo has also been kidnapped and we're trying to get him to join.
If he doesn't and somehow the heroes find us, the last thing I want is for our secret traitors to be exposed"

"That works" Todoroki shrugged his shoulders and walked over to a big metal chair casually.

The league stared at him surprised, he was being too calm about this.
Shinsou walked over to the other chair as kurogiri pulled out a third.
Once they were all chained down Bakugo was uncompressed and also locked up on the chair.

"Icy hot and mind freak??!
You've also been kidnapped??" Bakugo asked in dismay.

The 2 nodded their heads.

"Ugh, stupid Deku release us!
You have no reason in kidnapping us what do you gain out of this??" Bakugo hissed.

"I gain a lot actually.
UA will be under fire for letting not only 1 but 3 class A students get kidnapped after just a week ago I left.
Then add on everyone who was injured today.

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