The Basement

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You sit on the cemented floor in the basement. You were left alone for what seemed to be forever but you didn't mind.

You lean your back against the wall and chuckle slightly. You look up at the single dangling light. You watch it swing slowly from the light steps above.

The door opening slowly catches your attention. A puffy head of light brown hair walks inside, closing the door behind him.

You smiles softly.

"Taehyung." You whisper

He lifts his head to meet your eyes.

"Hey butterfly." He says softly

You raise your hand to wave but give a sad smile as you glance at the chains attached to the wall, laced around your wrists.

"I won't bite if you come into the light." You say jokingly

"He only nods slowly before taking small steps towards you and coming to sit a few feet in front of you. His legs crossed and his hands folded in front of him.

You both sit in a comfortable silence. Taehyung never freightend you as much as the others.

He and Namjoon were always on the sweeter side. Even when it came to their own brothers.

Hoseok and Jungkook had always been the ring leaders so the others always blindly followed their request. But Taehyung and Namjoon? They were the two that probably fought the most when it came to the authority of their brothers.

"Why—Why did you push him?" Taehyung ask while eyeing the ground

"I wanted to see if he was still in there—"

"Who?" He ask

"The other one." You say

"Okay. Who is the other one?"

"The angry one."

"Okay, whoever that is. Why'd you have to see if he was still in there?"

Because, I need to know who I'm dealing with." You answer honestly

"We're the same boys from then—"

"No you're not Tae... and you know that."

He finally lifts his head to see you, you take in your features.

"You've grown beautifully. Like I always knew you would...Butterfly."

You close your eyes and chuckle slightly,

"Don't call me that." You say

"Why not?" He ask, "You we're always my butterfly—"

"We're not children anymore, Taehyung. You've all kidnapped me and I still don't know why—"

"We need you. But we're not going to hurt you.  Hoseok Hyung has told me—"

"Please... you know how close Jungkook and Hoseok are. After Jungkook's outburst I'm certain you're all planning to hurt me—"

"We never stopped caring for you, Ara. I personally looked everywhere for you until....." he trailed off, looking at the floor again

You look at him oddly, "Until?"

"Nothing, I've already spoken to much."

"This is Hoseok's plan isn't it? Jungkook would never let him take over—"

"Stop speaking on things you don't know about."

Taehyung jumps as you lift your eyes to the figure behind him.

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