Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

It was the first time Rose had gone to the airport to actually fly somewhere so she never got the chance to see how big and confusing it actually was.

Madame had told her, her ticket would be left at the counter for when she arrived. Already having picked it up Rose made it through customs and was looking for gate D-23 to board her plane. The brunette wandered down the large halls completely confused. She had checked her ticket 5 times over to make sure she was going to the right place but couldn't seem to figure the busy building out. People rushed by her in all directions. Rose felt as if she were trapped in a fast paced world and only she was stuck in slow motion.

Angry grunts and scoff's were heard multiple times from eager people who were rushing past her to make their flight. She paid no mind to their insulting actions and proceeded to make her way to the correct gate.

Just as Rose was about to give up and ask someone for proper directions, a tiny sign about 30 feet away caught her attention.

'Gates: D 20-30'

She rushed in the direction and finally began to fit in with the busy motion around her. The rolling of the wheels on her carry on sounded in her ears as her pace picked up. Rose's heart started to beat even quicker as she neared her destination.

She looked at a large digital clock on a wall and it read 10 o'clock on the dot.

"Shit" Rose cursed under her breath.

Seconds passed and soon rose was striding up towards an empty section of chairs and a podium with a woman standing behind it. She greeted the young girl with a polite smile as Rose strolled up the her, her face began to heat up uncontrollably as she awaited the woman to send her off telling her she was at the wrong gate. She wasn't fond of awkward situations and tried to avoid them at all costs.

"Um, hi..." Rose spoke shyly gripping the handle of the tiny suitcase tightly.

"Hello, you must be Ms. Rose, Miss Eclaire and Mr. Harold have already boarded the Jet and are waiting for you."

A sigh of relief escaped her lungs as all fears seeped from her brain but than a sense of confusion washed over her seconds later.

"Mr. Harold? Um..Who's that?"

The lady kept smiling and Rose assumed she was a robot from her never faltering grin.

"He's Mrs. Eclaires nephew."

Oh. That's new, Rose thought as she handed her ticket over to the woman, deciding not to press on further about the topic.

She wheeled her carry-on down the long hallway that connected the building to the jet. When she reached the end where the jets door and the long tube like hall connected, a man in a fancy suit greeted her happily.

"Good morning Rose, how are you?"

It was confirmed, Rose knew these people were trained robots awaiting to take over the plane and crash them into the Atlantic Ocean. They were to happy and giddy, Rose was about to ask what Medications were they on and where could she get some because there had to be something mentally wrong with them for them to be this cheery.

"I'm - uh, good? Yeah I'm good." She answered and he politely asked to take her bag and show her to her seat.

She followed the stewardess into the plane and through a dark curtain that revealed two other passengers already seated. Madame was busy talking to a flight attendant to notice her arrival and the other figure who she presumed to be her nephew was seated in the back of the lounge styled plane with head phones in and his eyes shut.

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