Chapter 20 - The chase is never ending✔

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In the cold winter night, the air inside the big airport hall was starting to become more than suffocating as six teenagers walked through the crowd of unstable and very dull humans.

Violets heels clicked as they made contact with the tiled floor. Her eyes were focused on the blue haired girl who was shaking in the snow filled night outside. Her brown orbs were glowing as she smiled at the few boys lingering and waiting around.

"My your attracting attention as always." Mina giggled.

"Well somebody's gotta do it." 

Violet walked next to Luca with a big smile on her face. She was emitting such a happy go lucky aura that it made Andrew gag.

"Someone's happy." Diana said, as the teens walked out.

"How couldn't I be? If you did your job right I shall be bursting of joy in about three hours!" Violet answered.

Diana rolled her eyes and started walking towards a big black van.

"What's up with the black vans?" Violet asked.

"You just noticed it?" Andrew asked, narrowing his eyes.

Violet just sticked her tongue out at him. They all shuffled inside and Diana drove them off to their permanent home.


The van pulled up in front of a smaller building. As everyone got out they followed Diana inside. As they walked in they found out that this is a five story building, and three levels were theirs. They walked through the entrance and Mina almost jumped when she saw their first door neighbor.

"Why are you so jumpy?" Bogdan asked.

"N-No reason, let's just go." The white haired girl pushed him up the stairs.

"Welcome to your new home." Diana opened the door.

Violet was struck with awe seeing the beautiful living area in front of her.

It was big enough to fit three storage houses. The walls were a deep sea green, with beautiful flower vine motives. The furniture in the room was white as snow, with beautiful green accessories. A big fire place was placed on the big wall. The kitchen was an open concept one and in the far right corner of the living space white marble stairs glowed.

Violet smiled and walked up the stairs.

"Violet, the girls rooms are on the second floor." Diana said.

Violet nodded and headed up. When she, Mina and Masha made it up the stairs to the second floor, they decided to play rock, paper, scissors for their rooms.

Masha got the twilight colored room, that consisted of a queen sized bed, an en suit and a walk in closet.

Mina got the same type of room, but the walls were a deep pink.

Violet's room was a bit different. Her walls were a deep wine red color, with black roses and crows as the motives. The bed was a king size and it was placed in the right corner under the window. She had an en suite and a walk in closet, but also there was one more door in her room. Violet placed her things by the bed and went over to the mystery door.

She open it and a small stair case was in front of her. She slowly walked up and her eyes glittered in joy. The mystery door led to her own personal library, filled with books. She walked inside mesmerized by the variety of books. Her eyes scanned every sheet carefully, until her eyes spotted a black envelope on the small table in the middle of the room.

Walking over and getting the envelope in between her fingers, Violet felt a burning sensation at the tips of her fingers as she opened it. Inside a white paper was neatly folded. Violet's eyes flew over it as she read the beautiful hand writing.

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