Chapter 14

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The evening meal was served, all of the men sat and waited for their food in raucous laughter, their mugs were being filled by buxom servant girls.

Smiles and winks were accompanied   by pinches  and sound slaps on the rumps of passing maids followed by their soft giggles.

All were oblivious to their lords fuming temper and the one person that uneased him still had not left her chamber.  Sitting together at the table Duncan, his father and Aiden waited for their meal.

"Has she come down at all today father ?" Aidan's concerned  look waited for an answer.

" No, nor has she eaten all day, " Ardolf  said.

Duncan sat back and wondered with a smirk on his face why the little hellion  did not come down all day, must she be avoiding him as well as he was avoiding her he thought.
Something was not right . he thought.

He didn't know what it was but clarity of it was upstairs and it nagged at him.


Her mind was made up.
Tonight she had to leave .

Tara stood and slowly got dressed taking last glimpses out of the window. Pretty soon it will be night fall, dark enough for her to escape. After last night's mishap she couldn't afford for it to happen again and she doubt Duncan would come back to this room .

"I pray he doesn't,"  she said trying to ignore the nagging feeling in her chest quickly she went to the bed and fixed the sheets  in a heap under the covers.

Hiding in the corner, Tara waited it out the slow passing evening to make her move.

Servants knocked on the door and entered  to check on her and take away  the tray of her untouched food. Sad glances looked at the bed before quietly walking out and closing the door.  A slight sad feeling pulled at her chest, they were very caring people, she thought. 

She felt horrible doing this, but she needed to return home, if that was even possible .  Slowly the room began to darken with its last goodbyes to the sun, the soft color of the blue colored room.  The moon gleemed giving the remainder of the night its bright light. It was enough light for Tara to see through the forest back to the chapel the slight fear of getting caught was a risk she had to take. she was going to leave this place even if she died trying. The quick beats of her heart hung on her last thoughts dying.


The night could not have come any sooner, he sat above his horse in a far corner of the courtyard.

Rushlights lit the courtyard with a dim glow, good enough for workers and to continue their last duties before retiring for the night.

Guards walked in groups back and forth with as much laughter and the watching eye. The main gates remained open to let merchants leave along with other visitors.  The calm night breeze promised a pleasant summer to come.

The impatience steed quieted down with Duncan's voice.

"Easy boy! Just a bit longer and we ride out." Duncan promised in low whisper rubbing briskly at the horses neck.

The object of his nightly prowl came into view. Quickly she ran to a nearby wall looking over her shoulders. Watching the guards pass,  she leapt behind another wall.  The night hid her very well for the unskilled eye, but he was on her every move as she finally went passed the main gates towards her very short freedom.

Waiting for the right time, he was giving her a head start.  Leading her to believe she was escaping was a very clever thought.

He wanted all the reasons to not like her.
Hell, he wanted all the reasons to chase her and catch her. He smirked.

Nudging his steed, he went off  to hunt for his prey.

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