Chapter Twenty

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The weekend had been nothing short of perfection. Stevie and Lindsey did not leave the house once, partly because a crowd of paparazzi had stationed themselves just outside the gates to her house, but mainly because they wanted nothing more than to spend every single waking moment together as their new little family.

All too quickly, Monday morning had rolled around and Stevie was expected to join the rest of the band for a string of particularly important press meetings. Having already given them her word weeks before, she felt like she could not cancel on them at the last minute, especially considering how absent she had been over the past few weeks.

“Do you have everything you need?” Lindsey said, appearing in the doorway to the living room with Lily in his arms.

“Mhmm, I think so,” she replied, her big doe eyes tearing up a little as she looked up at the two of them.

Stevie snivelled quietly as she went about packing the last of her things into her handbag and Lindsey knew something was up. He made his way over to her and lifted her chin up.

“Steph, everything’s going to be fine,” he reassured with a smile. “I promise.”

She smiled gratefully and nodded her head.

“I know, Linds, it’s just… This is the first time I’ve left her since she got here. What – what if something happens while I’m gone?”

“Nothing’s going to happen, right princess?” Lindsey baby-talked and bounced Lily animatedly.

“But you’ll call if there’s a problem, right?”

“I will, Steph, but there won’t be. Relax,” he reached out and massaged one of her shoulders tenderly.

Her head fell to the side he was massaging and she closed her eyes in pleasure at the feeling.

“Okay, well, I’ll be home at about 8pm to put Lily to bed…”

“We’ll be looking forward to it!” he chirped and placed a soft kiss on her lips.

“Thank you, Linds.”

“Hey, you don’t have to thank me – I’m her dad!”

Lindsey chuckled and kissed the top of Lily’s head, before letting Stevie have a cuddle before she left. The doorbell rang only a few moments later and Stevie was unwillingly passing the baby back into Lindsey’s arms, before gathering up her bag and jacket.

“Bye bye, Lily-pie! Mommy loves you so much!” she said, blowing kisses.

Stevie’s heart suddenly shattered into a million pieces as she saw the baby’s face crumple up and a soul-shattering wail break forth from her tiny lungs. The sound reminded her so much of the first cry she had heard at the agency and that is when it hit her.

“Lindsey! I can’t do it!”

“She’ll be fine, Steph. It’s alright, I can handle it.”

“No! She thinks I’m abandoning her!”

Lindsey was doing is best to pacify her by rubbing her back and rocking her a little on his feet, but she was inconsolable.

“Mommy’s only going out for a little while, baby girl! I’ll be back soon!” Stevie wept in desperation.

Lily’s crying became slightly less hysterical and Stevie could sense that it was working.

“That’s right, princess,” Lindsey took over. “Mommy will be back tonight to put you to bed, but Daddy’s going to spend some time with you today, okay?”

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