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"Oh yeah, I attached a tracker to Shinsou and Kacchan. I should be able to find them" Midoriya pulled out his phone.

He went to the app he had to track them and found their exact location.

"Here they are" he said.

"Good. Now kurogiri, memorize the coordinates and send the vanguard action squad tonight" Shigaraki said.

"Will do"

"Devil, I need you to go scout the area.
Can you do that?"

"I planned to go anyways, I want to destroy their team working before it can start" Midoriya replied.

"Good, then go".

Midoriya nodded his head, took off his bracelet, and sunk into the ground.
He reappeared by a shaded tree.
He could hear class A's screams.

He peered behind the tree and found the class fighting sludge monsters.

"I need to destroy their team working and collect as much negativity as possible" Midoriya thought to himself as he floated into the tree.

He found Kirishima and Kaminari both trying to fight the same sludge, communicating with 1 another to get the job done.

Midoriya dispelled some of his negativity into the area, they immediately got affected.

"Kirishima get out of the way!" Kaminari hissed as he tried to take the sludge monster head on.

"Dude you get out of the way, I was here first!" Kirishima spat back.

"BOTH OF YOU GET OUT THE WAY, IM TRYNA GET MY JOB DONE!" Bakugo screamed as he sent out a mass explosion that took the monster down in seconds.

Kirishima and Kaminari glared at each other then at Bakugo as they continued to fight.

"Job's done here.
Now to move onto the rest"
Midoriya thought to himself as he shadow traveled tree to tree.

He found the rest of the class working together to fight 1 colossal mud monsters and Midoriya wasn't having it.
He even found shinsou trying to help but Shinsou didn't know what to actually do.
His quirk didn't work on non living things.

Midoriya sent out negativity in the are and watched them all fight each other rather than fight the monster, because of this the monster smashed them into the ground.

Midoriya found Shinsou going out on his own and decided to do some more convincing.

Once shinsou got far enough away Midoriya slipped down his hoodie and mask and shadow traveled right to him.
He wrapped him arm around shinsou's shoulders and trapped Shinsou under manipulation.

"Scream and I'll slit your throat" Midoriya warned as he transformed his regular hand to his claws.
Shinsou's eyes widened but he didn't argue.

"What do you want now...?"

"I'm sure what I said left an impression on your mind, didn't it?" Midoriya said with a grin.
Shinsou looked at Midoriya and internally groaned.

Reluctantly, Shinsou nodded his head.

"And now look, they're all fighting.
Heroes are all fakes, they want money and fame that's it.
You can't even do anything to help and once they found that out they threw you aside like you were some trash.
I don't see why you still bother trying you know.

You might as well just join the league.
It's the best shot you got at avoiding becoming the one thing you don't want to be" Midoriya chuckled.

Shinsou began to nervously sweat, Midoriya's claw looked sharp and deadly and it was being held way too close to his neck for comfort.

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