Demonic realm

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Midoriya got up from the ground, pain still pulsed throughout his entire body but it was settling.
Midoriya felt...

Something strange
Like all the chains that had been previously drowning him before were broken and now he could finally rise to the surface.
It felt...

So the only thing that physically changed are my nails.
I don't know what powers I unlocked but I'm bound to find out soon.


How exactly do I switch to the demon realm?" Midoriya thought to himself.
The seals were nothing but ash, he threw it away in his trash can.

"The book said I could just so it at will, so like how I use my quirk.
Maybe that's what shadow travel is for.
I need to focus on going to the demon realm and I should be there" Midoriya thought to himself as he closed his eyes and focused.

He sunk into his shadow and reappeared at the side of...

A throne.
Midoriya's eyes widened as he looked around, his base was completely gone.

He was in a large room with stairs that lead to the throne he was standing by, however The throne  was empty and there was no one in the room.

The room was beautifully fancy, white ceiling lights hung from crystal chandelier from a tall above.
There was a red carpet on the white marble ground that stopped right before the throne.

Midoriya looked down at what he was wearing, his outfit had changed.
Instead of his PJs he was in and black and blue Yakuta.
Its length stopped right before his ankle.

Midoriya's tail flicked left and right out of curiosity.
He looked around, the throne was matte black with royal blue fabric on the cushions.

Midoriya walked down the stairs and towards the door that stood very, very, very high.
It was taller than mt.lady.

The door creaked open as Midoriya slid past it.
He turned his head and saw Halls that looked like they never ended, he had 3 paths to go through and all of them had doors.

"It's like a maze, how do I get out??" Midoriya thought to himself as he started walking.
Suddenly something flew up to him, it looked like the demon verison of a small fairy.

What're you doing here?" The fairy asked.

"Im the Monarch"

"No way?! We haven't had a Monarch in millenniums!
Come with me!" The fairy cheered.

Midoriya nodded his head and followed the fairy down the never ending hall straight ahead.
It had guided him to a special room.

Midoriya opened up the door since the fairy was unable to and looked inside.
The room was entirely white marble with bright white lights that show cased...

A staff.

The staff was in a glass seal with a spell casted on it to protect it.

"If you're the true Monarch, holding your hand out should signal for the staff to come fourth" the fairy said.

Midoriya nodded his head and held his hand out at the staff.
The staff had a smoky dark purple crystal that was held by black branches and weaved into a whole staff.

The staff floated up, the glass seal lifted up with it.
The staff came to his hand and sat there.

"You really are the new Monarch! This is amazing!
All our previous Monarchs were killed because they couldn't bring us demons some pure negativity!

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